Not His Dragon by Annie Nicholas: FIRST FIVE©


Not His Dragon is the hilarious first book in the paranormal rom-com Not This Series.

Angie Weldon is as tough as her polished, dagger-sharp nails. As a backscratcher catering to the wild and whiskered, she’s had her share of shaggy suitors. But she’s not sure how to handle the brazen shifter who swears she too is a dragon.

Eoin Grant hasn’t found a female of his kind in decades. But one sniff of Angie and he’s fallen hook, line, and scales in lust. Then again, so has just about every other hot-blooded fire-breather in town…

Though Angie discounts Eoin’s crazy claims, she can’t ignore the sizzling chemistry she feels when she scrapes her fingers down his spine. And Eoin knows he must entice her true form out of hiding, or lose the stunning beauty to a swooping rival.

Will Angie and Eoin play it cool, or expose themselves to the blaze of lust?

If you like steamy attractions, fast-paced action, and snarky humor, then you’ll love Annie Nicholas’s hotter than hot romp.

Buy Not His Dragon to fan love’s flames today!





Sentence One: The sudden blare of the fire alarm startled Angie enough to drop her favorite coffee mug with the words I owe. I owe. Off to work I go.

THOUGHTS: I love that mug. I want one. (Yes. Technically SENTENCE ONE is three separate sentences, but it reads as one. So. HA!)

Sentence Two: Scalding coffee cascaded over Angie’s tits and the cup shattered at her feet.

THOUGHTS: I love this sentence. When hot coffee is burning your skin, nobody is thinking ‘golly that hurt my breasts.’ They’re thinking things exactly like this. Nice job, Annie Nicholas.

Sentence Three: Thankfully, the earsplitting noise masked her shriek of pain.

THOUGHTS: It may have masked it, but unless she can make the mess invisible? People are gonna know she made an oopsie.

Sentence Four: Otherwise her partially senile neighbor would have been dialing nine-one-one already.

THOUGHTS: Hopefully, Angie’s partially senile neighbor knows how to get out of a burning building.

Sentence Five: The old sweetheart must have them on speed dial.

THOUGHTS: Okay. Well. The elderly have a right to be cautious. Especially when senile. IMO.

FINAL THOUGHTS: These sentences aren’t a ton to go on, but the ones I liked were perfect, aaaaaaand the MC is already dealing with a fire, so… Also? Generally speaking? Dragons are associated with fire and the fire alarm is already ringing. I’m absolutely intrigued. As usual? I will update you in the comments, but not in a spoiler way. Do yourself a favor and DOWNLOAD. This one seems like a funny yet sexy read.

I can’t wait.

MS and Maligano Jasper (rock/crystal)

My beautiful friend from The Lotus Moon Crystal Shop gifted me this pretty about a month or so ago, and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. First and foremost, yes Crystal geeks. I absolutely DID confuse this for Crazy Lace Agate. (CRAZY LACE AGATE looks like this:)


(Malingano JaspeR looks like this:)

If you study the two long enough, the differences are obvious, but at a quick glance? They are VERY similar. So it comes as no surprise (to me) that I love some of the same things about MJ that I do about CL.

Both have:

*Vibrant yellow coloring. {This just makes me feel warm and happy. As with Crazy Lace. (CL)}

*An artistic surface that weaves a murky quartz white (which is actually, big shocker, jasper and or agate) with a sparkling quartz (actually jasper/agate) and can often be outlined by an outright black/grey river of definition. (Here is some great info on MJ if you’d like to learn a bit more about this wonderful stone. Here is even MORE great info about MJ. I suggest a long read. You can purchase at store in link OR ask Midheaven Astrology and Crystals, Liz Sogard, or Stacy @ The Lotus Moon Crystal Shop to pick some up for you.)

*Blotched almost painted surface area. The way both form such a perfect color scheme surface is mind blowing.

The splotches of shocking yellow are like bursts of sunshine. How could they not make a person happy? In truth? MJ and CL do wonders for my emotional health. I find both to be fortifying/grounding. Physically? MJ soothes. CL? Takes on more name sake energy. Crazy, excitable energy. Is that what either are supposed to do? No clue.


This journey has taught me some unexpected things. Like trust your intuition. Okay, okay. That wasn’t THAT unexpected of a lesson, but listen. If something makes YOU feel better? It doesn’t matter what it’s supposed to do because above all else? These materials want to work for us.

HOWEVER, the healing properties for MJ are as follows: Protects against negativity. Grounding. Stabilizes/balances the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. Is a positive stone to have around. Jasper is also part of the Quartz’s family.

Who knows; maybe the white in MJ is quartz. I’m not real good with identifying the finer details. If you need help identifying a material though? I suggest hitting up one of the sites mentioned here.


MJ intrigues my inner illness. I think that part of me knew it would aid in making my mood calmer and more uplifted. Hence being drawn to it in the first place. In healing terms? I’m sure I also knew it would help somehow, and it has. When I started this post, my head was splitting open with pain.

Now? After sitting with MJ and talking it up? It’s down to a dull ache. You may be asking why I didn’t just take Tylenol? Well. It’s simple and complicated at the same time. The gist? I have to be careful what pain killers I use for what and when. Today? Today was an easy on the Tylenol day.

Warriors understand this particular issue which is why I pass along the info I obtain. Knowledge is a HUGE part of the Warrior’s arsenal, and everybody who shares their experience could be helping another. TO BE CLEAR: I am not a doctor of any sorts and I am not telling anybody what to do or how to do it. These are MY experiences.

As of today, 2/28/21, my MS Crystal list looks like this:

**Selenite = helped disperse my nerve/bone/joint pain with direct skin to crystal contact as well as keeping it on my person. Against my skin.

**Hematite = helped my unsteady, dizzy body feel more grounded and solid. Released a kind of unshakeable confidence inside of me. I handled it a few times then kept it near me for the rest of the night.

**Lapis Lazuli** = Eagerness to help. Sense of calm. (still gathering info)

**Malingano Jasper** = Increased happiness and calm. Dulled headache pain. (still gathering info)

What does your Crystal list look like?

FIRST FIVE© and Life update.

Things are coming together in the house department, but life is hectic still, and my MS is kicking my ass, so I’m taking a mental health break. I’m giving myself a declared week off, and then?


No matter what. POSTS. This will include health/life updates & FIRST FIVE© reviews. Please feel free to hold me accountable. THANK YOU!


Lap (you know how I love my abbreviations) has many properties. Topping the list for this Warrior? Energy. I’ve recently acquired a piece of Lap and though I have connected to it, we aren’t too familiar with each other just yet.

My initial thoughts? After sitting with this piece for a few minutes, I felt like the crystal was super eager. As in, eager to help. My oval shaped crystal gave off a steady stream of jittery, need-to-please/be-helpful vibes.

Those vibes did help me turn on the vacuum for a few minutes, but the suck-machine wasn’t working, so I had to pause that cause. Instead of panicking over a broken machine though? I stayed calm. Something new for me. I might have stayed even more calm, but…

Here’s the thing: (I believe) crystals can have their own voice and, believe it or not, my Lapis Lazuli has a redneck, southern twang that I find terribly distracting. I haven’t had this piece long, and I am pretty sure it belongs to me, but this piece might just belong to itself because, man oh man. I am not fond of the southern accents.


Normal Lapis Lazuli is said to help one connect with truth and integrity. The ‘royal blue’ color means it is associated with the throat and third eye chakras. Long ago, before I got sick, I read about opening and closing chakras. I can’t remember exactly how the exercise to do so went, but I kinda remember, and in my opinion? It truly worked.

All the same, I’ll need to read up on it.

Another thing that I learned about Lapis Lazuli tonight is that it can bond relationships by aiding in the expression of feelings. Helpful x 2. Now? Let me get MS specific. Lapis Lazuli is said to boost the immune system, purify blood, lower blood pressure and help with inflammation. 


I also read that lap helps the nervous system, throat (might help me avoid death by choking), thyroid (chronic lyme damaged my thyroid), bones (lots of bone issues here) and it could help with organ cleansing.

Overall, I think this will be added to my list.


**Selenite = helped disperse my nerve/bone/joint pain with direct skin to crystal contact as well as keeping it on my person. Against my skin.

**Hematite = helped my unsteady, dizzy body feel more grounded and solid. Released a kind of unshakeable confidence inside of me. I handled it a few times then kept it near me for the rest of the night.

**Lapis Lazuli** = Eagerness to help. Sense of calm.

**PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IS LIMITED RIGHT NOW** **Lapis Lazuli POTENTIAL** = energy, inflammation, immune system, blood pressure, (relationship) communication, nerve pain, tension relief. (There’s more, but we’ll wait and see if they’re worth mentioning.)

In the meantime Warriors, if you’re looking to test out Lapis Lazuli, or you already have, will you share your experiences?

The Toren: Shattered Souls (The Toren Series Book 1) by Lola StVil: FIRST FIVE©





*****The Toren is a must read for fans of A Shade of Vampire, Twilight and The Mortal Instruments.******

Summit Case has no idea why her parents gave her up, or why her eyes are purple and change with her mood. The only thing she knows is that she is destined to be on the outside looking in. That is, until the most popular guy in school, asks her out on a date. However, instead of taking her to a movie, he parks the car in a remote section of Lower Manhattan and, after a few cryptic proclamations, stabs her in the neck.

Lucas Ford—a breathtaking angel with remarkable powers, swoops down and saves her. That’s when she learns that she’s the descendant of a long line of formidable, Angels called “Noru” and that Demons are seeking her out to strip her of her emerging powers. In addition, by saving her, Lucas awakens a new evil bent on the destroying all of humanity. 

Her team must go on a dangerous quest to find a powerful relic that can contain the new evil. In the midst of the harrowing, and bloody mission, she looks for solace in the arms of the angel she loved at first sight—Lucas. But for some reason, Lucas is cold and distant. Did she misread his feelings for her? What do you do when the angel who risked his life to save you, now wants nothing to do with you? 

Summit comes from great and powerful line female Angels. But while she has their purple eyes, does she have their courage? And now that she finally has a family, will she be strong enough to hold on to them or is she destined to lose both her family and the guy she loves?


Sentence One: I’m rushing out of my dentist’s office like I’m fleeing a crime scene.

THOUGHTS: I think dentists get a poor rap, but if I’m being honest? They are up there on the ‘doctors to avoid’ list. Right after the ever-lurking GYNECOLOGIST.

Sentence Two: I would do anything to avoid the “post checkup” chats he insists on having with me every single visit.

THOUGHTS: Again. This kind of awkwardness is what keeps dentists on the ‘avoid at all cost’ list. #sorrynotsorry.

Sentence Three: He always wants to talk about the weather and what’s new in dental care.

THOUGHTS: Seriously? That’s beyond awkward. That’s straight uncomfortable. I’d run out of there too. Why doesn’t she get a new doctor?

Sentence Four: That stuff is boring as hell, but I can handle it.

THOUGHTS: Well I can’t. Please, please don’t share this experience with we uninterested readers…

Sentence Five: But what I can’t deal with is the fact that our chats always end with him asking me about my eyes.

THOUGHTS: What about her eyes? I need to know just a little bit more…

BONUS SENTENCES: In fact, every conversation I’ve ever had in his office ends up being about my purple eyes. Dr. Soren finds it interesting that my eyes range from a light shade of purple to a deep violet when I’m upset. He does research on people with unusual eye color, and I have become somewhat of a hobby for him. He actually offered to help me find my biological parents so he could see if they too have purple eyes. I keep meaning to go to a different doctor, but I have yet to get up the nerve to tell him that I’m not coming back.

THOUGHTS: All my questions have been answered and I’m still seriously intrigued. I won’t lie. I have read, and loved, this author before, so my standards for this FREEBIE are high, but I doubt I’ll be disappointed. This is the first in a series, so the ending may be a cliffhanger. Never know. Be warned, but be downloading. Cuz this book will most definitely be worth your time.


Helpful Crystal Info.

I don’t have any great revelations tonight. Well. Other than the fact that I received a sphere I purchased a while ago today, and let me tell ya. It. Is. Gorgeous.

No, no. You don’t have to ask. Of course I’ll show you. BUT FIRST. My good friend Stacy from The Lotus Moon Crystal Shop shared this bit of Crystal info a while ago, and I really think anybody who WANTS to learn should start with something as fun, easy and basic as this.

How fun, right? If my printer worked? I’d totally print it out. Now? Onto my newest lovely. She is stunning from every angle, but I’ll still show you two. This sphere is a Sodalite. Not to be confused with Lapis Lazuli which can also be a beautiful dark blue with a slight mixture of white. Though Lapis has shimmering black and grey.

Not all Lapis will have a ton of black though, so watch out. In my opinion, the determining factor for Lapis vs. Sodalite is simply this: Sodalite looks like lightening flashing against a dark blue sky. Streaks of white cut, swirl or wash their way through the crystal mercilessly.

With that in mind? Please. Meet my swirling beauty.

Hope this post finds my Warriors well. Night, night.<3


The Crystal, Mineral, Tumble & Rock world is a sparkly, beautiful place. Tonight, 1/28/21. is a FULL MOON. Which, for those of you new to the crew means the pretties are charging.

That’s right. Charging and cleansing can take place under HER powerful rays. I wish I could say my experience as a Warrior DID NOT revolve around cycles, but it has absolutely been my experience that my MS symptoms get worse during my ‘monthly’ cycle.

Does that apply to the FULL MOON?

I didn’t use to think so, but tonight? Well, tonight has me wavering and unsteady as all hell, BUT I happened to pick up a chunk of hematite that I just bought/cleansed, and OMG!

The deep, raw and pulsing energy blasting out of this piece was undeniable. The weight of it (for me) was instantly grounding. I felt steadier, stronger and definitely more balanced. For these reasons? I just had to spend some time learning/talking about hematite tonight.

And here are some reasons WHY I believe Hematite is a great mineral for me: In Feng Shui, Hem (that’s my abbreviation for it) is used for grounding, balanced energy and calmness. Hematite is associated with blood and healing in the Metaphysical community.

Hem is good for balancing, grounding and detoxifying. Right there! As a Warrior, I can say that I get so caught up in managing my physical symptoms that I neglect and altogether forget my spiritual needs. Already this Crystal journey has taught me to slow down and appreciate the beauty of this world.

But, Hematite? WHOA! Like Selenite, this mineral has proven itself to me without even trying. It was coincidence that I picked it up when I did. But the feeling of strength it bestowed? Hasn’t faded. Not even an ounce. Each time I hold my lil brain, (that’s what mine looks like) it’s steadfast weight and cool, lumpy surface fills me with a grounded sensation that I cannot even attempt to ignore.

My understanding of Crystal work is this: the crystal allows an exchange of energy. Usually that energy is going from negative to positive. Different types of Crystals, Minerals, Tumbles and Rocks help in different ways. BUT. You should always listen to your gut when obtaining a new CMTR. If you pick up a Crystal and it sings to you? If it makes you feel any kind of way that you thoroughly enjoy or benefit from? Then, in my opinion, that Crystal is meant for you.

It may not have the properties you think it should have. It may not be as sparkly or as stunning as you think a Crystal should be, but the call should always be listened to. (IMO)

Here’s another one of my opinions: open your mind so the Spirit can heal. If you’re NOT willing to do that? Then you’re probably just collecting pretty things. Warriors and non Warriors alike deserve the benefit of truly understanding what they are becoming a part of.

**MY list of Crystals that might help MS Warriors & their symptoms will continue to grow, but PLEASE remember that I am NOT A DOCTOR and I am in no way telling you to try any of what I am doing. I simply want to share my experiences.**


**Selenite = helped disperse my nerve/bone/joint pain with direct skin to crystal contact as well as keeping it on my person. Against my skin.

**Hematite = helped my unsteady, dizzy body feel more grounded and solid. Released a kind of unshakeable confidence inside of me. I handled it a few times then kept it near me for the rest of the night.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS & Crystals. My Opinion & Experience Thus Far

I LOVE Crystals, Gems, Rocks & Minerals. They have always been a source of great connection and joy for me. My mother encouraged a Love and curiosity for all things metaphysical & spiritual. She herself is full of whimsy having embraced her poet soul long ago. As a writer, I can assure you there is very little chance of becoming great at the craft without unveiling some appreciation for poetry.

As a Rock Hound, you have to hold yourself still and enjoy the thrill of a peaceful hunt. I know; I know. You’re wondering what the hell all this has to do with MS and Crystal Work. Well. You see. It’s all part of a bigger, collective journey. As an MS Warrior, I began appreciating the slower, more natural vibes in life. Something about a rocks dense, ethereal thrum calmed my anxious Soul.

Rocks began to quiet the red-hot anger that boils just beneath the surface of any mood. The hunt (for rocks) shifted my focus. Instead of fighting off constant and unseen pain, I was able to ignore most of my resentments by limiting physical hurdles and concentrating on a single but beautiful task.

Finding a rock that sang to me.

My love worked with me to make Hounding the absolute best experience it could be. We’d tote around a beach chair and sifters and buckets and water. Hounding become our outings. As opposed to walks, the movies or dinner dates. These places weren’t off-limits to me, or even unenjoyable, but they usually posed some kind of imposition to my wellbeing be it physical, emotional or sometimes even spiritual.

So. My love and I began Hounding, and it was, in a word, freedom. I have never enjoyed nature or the beach as much as I have since discovering Rock Hounding. From there, the obsession grew, and it grew even more when my friend started her Crystal business.

Facebook LIVE is a wonderful thing and the LIVE Crystal shows are top notch fun. (I have the invoices to prove just how much fun I’ve been having too. EEP!) But, you know what’s better than participating in a LIVE show?

Learning how to REALLY understand what Crystals, Rocks and Minerals are capable of helping YOU accomplish. Need some anxiety relief? There’s a Crystal for that. Need better sleep? There’s a Crystal, Mineral and Rock to help with that. Got a bunch of really annoying, really painful MS symptoms you’d love to shut the hell up?

There are Crystals, Minerals and Rocks to help with that too!

In the coming weeks, I plan to try out different CMRs (that’s my hip abbreviation for them) specifically in regards to my MS symptoms & pain. So far, the ONLY Crystal I can say did anything of great note is Selenite.

(Straight off Google/’what is selenite crystal good for?’)
(straight from google/’selenite crystal pain.’)

My experience with Selenite in regards to healing is as follows: I rubbed a palm stone over my affected area for a total of, maybe, five minutes then I kept the Crystal touching my skin/on my person. At first? My pain all but vanished. After a few hours? Pain ebbed back to life, but NEVER as strong as it was before using the Crystal. Selenite is FOR SURE a Crystal I will be buying more of. The Warrior’s dance with MS symptoms is never over, but Selenite is one weapon I intend to keep on hand & be well stocked in.



Jack Fletcher’s heart is about to get punked.

Computer technician Jack Fletcher is no hero, despite his unwelcome reputation as one. In fact, he’s just been the victim of bizarre circumstances. Like now. His sister happens to disturb one of his nanoelectromechanical system experiments, and now they aren’t where they’re supposed to be. In fact, they’re not sure where they are when…

…they wake up to see a woman with the reddest hair Jack has ever seen—and a gun. Octavia Pye is an Aerocorps captain with a whole lot of secrets, and she’s not about to see her maiden voyage ruined by stowaways. But the sparks flying between her and Jack just may cause her airship to combust and ignite a passion that will forever change the world as she knows it…



Sentence One: “Good morning, Jack. Is that a molecular detector in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

THOUGHTS: #1. I love chapters that start with dialogue (when it’s good. Which this is.) As far as I’m concerned, you can never go wrong with a good ‘is that blank in your pocket or are you just happy to see me’ greeting because it allows for immediate immersion into the world being introduced.

Sentence Two: The voice that called out as I passed was female, soft, and sultry as hell.

THOUGHTS: Okay. The chapter is starting from a guys POV. Interesting.

Sentence Three: I paused to toss a grin at one of the two women who were occupying the big kidney-shaped desk that graced the front lobby of the Nordic Tech building.

THOUGHTS: Lot’s of solid information here. Not info dumpy at all. Visual is quick, purposeful and on point. There’s a reason Katie Macalister is a BEST SELLING Author, readers. And this is part of that reason.

Sentence Four: “Morning, Karin. Would it be against human resources policy if I was to tell you how much I liked your top?”

THOUGHTS: Oooooooh boy. He’s a flirty ladies man. Fun!

Sentence Five: The red-haired receptionist giggled and leaned forward, giving me a better-than-normal view of her cleavage in the skimpy tank top that she liked to wear on casual-dress Fridays.

THOUGHTS: Every office has “one of those girls.” Apparently? We’ve just met theirs. I’m not giving extra sentences here, friends. If you’re anything like me? You’re already prepared to make the $4.99 commitment. Which is a GREAT idea. Katie Macalister is one of my OG favorites. Her books will ALWAYS be worth whatever, but I figured I’d share the world I am currently visiting. HAPPY READING!



The dating world has become a war zone. Especially for the paranormal.

Kate is so sick of being single–no, scratch that–she’s sick of dating. Hell is meeting married men on the prowl, men terrified of her shifter side, men who don’t like tacos, for crying out loud. There has to be a better way for people like her to meet other singles. All Kate wants is someone who will accept all of her quirks, including her tiny obsession with Mexican food. Is that too much to ask?

Dating for Bram has become a cliché. If he has to suffer through one more night with a fang-chaser, he might just stake himself. It’s all become rather…boring. Maybe the time has come to throw in the towel? Renounce himself to an eternity of loneliness? Until a pissed-off redhead smelling of tacos slides into the seat next to him at a bar. And is that shrimp in her hair? Suddenly, Bram isn’t feeling all that bored anymore.

One chance meeting changes everything, and now, Bram and Kate’s Happily Ever After might be in sight. If only they can rid themselves of one pesky wannabe witch who’s set her sights on Bram and refuses to take no for an answer…




Sentence One: Never trust anyone who doesn’t like salsa.

THOUGHTS: I agree. Loving the personal way in which the author is starting us off. This makes connecting with the MC super easy.

Sentence Two: No offense to spicy food haters out there, but in my experience, those people rarely spice things up in other areas of their lives.

THOUGHTS: I really like this MC. She seems right on the money IMO.

Sentence Three: Like the bedroom for example.

THOUGHTS: Wow. She really just put it out there, didn’t she? (By the way, I know the MC is a female because the chapter starts out from a KATE POV. Normally, I don’t like switching POVs, but the first sentence was just so dynamite that I couldn’t help myself. Kudos, C.E. Black.)

Sentence Four: His distaste for salsa was my second clue that this blind date was going downhill and heading toward a swift and maybe even violent death.

THOUGHTS: Whoa. Death? Really? Um. Okay. Seems a bit harsh, but there’s probably an explanation coming…

Sentence Five: The first clue was when he got to the restaurant twenty minutes late–though I had initially forgiven him for that.

THOUGHTS: More sentences to come.

BONUS SENTENCES: Hey, traffic happens. I looked over at my date, Atticus, as he’d introduced himself. First impression? He wasn’t too bad looking. A couple of inches short of six feet, he had broad shoulders and a lean build. A runner, maybe.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’m digging it and the only reason I didn’t give you more is because it’s worth your very own, FREE, download. MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy reading.