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Torment by Lauren Kate is the second installment of The Fallen Novels. I managed to start it last night and can honestly say it is amazing. Lauren Kate is a superb author and fast becoming one of my new YA favorites. She has me squirming with questions and I love that feeling. The romance in […]

The End

Chapter 3 of Messy Death will come to a close today. I worked on it a good three hours this morning and will finish some time tonight. At this time, I’ve got 12657 words invested and am very proud to be wrapping up my third chapter. Here’s my favorite snippet of the day.   The […]

Satisfied Sigh

Even though I’ve been awake since 3 AM, I managed to get 723 words written on Messy Death. I couldn’t be more proud. My beta used the word fantastic when describing my work which made my day. (She doesn’t toss that descriptor out there all that much. LOL) I’ll give you her fav sentence because I need […]

Liz Schulte

I first met Liz when I joined H.P Mallory’s Writing group on Facebook. She welcomed me with open arms and hasn’t said a peep about the fact that I’ve fallen flat on my face were my FastDraft is concerned. (Sorry, Liz. I am working though. I swear!) Earlier this summer, I had the privledge of reading […]

Stacey Jay

Over the past week, I managed to read Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay. She’s the YA author of “You are so UNDEAD to me” and “UNDEAD much” both of which I’ve read. The synopsis goes:  Once upon a time, fairies were the stuff of bedtime stories and sweet dreams. Then came the mutations, and […]

Chapter 3

Messy Death’s third chapter should be wrapped up by Wednesday! Samuel has an ear infection which has made working tougher than usual. Still, I’m pushing through. Here’s part of my favorite paragraph written today. Hope it wets your appetite for more. I concentrated on staying upright. My muscles were burning with strain, but the idea of […]


Only in my town could you look out your car window while stopped at a light and see a miniature version of Captain Jack Sparrow riding a bicycle. By miniature, I mean mid-thirties, slender and short not like a child. He was fully genuine with his black pirate hat, flapping leather coat, black clothes, beaded goatee all sitting atop a, […]