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Elizabeth Sogard

Liz Sogard is an aspiring author with two finished novels under her belt. She is very talented and constantly striving to improve her craft. She is a great mom with a passive aggressive dog and a husband she’s loved since high school. I met Liz through Twitter and did a subsequent interview for her Aspiring Author web site. It’s been an honor getting to know her. She’s a straight shooting gal who gained my friendship and respect in a matter of minutes. Trust me when I say, that’s not easy to do. Her current project, Dream Walker, is a YA fiction novel. For your reading pleasure, I’m including a blurb. Enjoy. (I know I sure did.)

The dreams I have are not my own.

Every time I fall asleep, I find myself in a dimly lit hallway with nothing but a piece of chalk and endless doors to keep me company.  Behind each door is a person I know, and should I decide to open one, I can leave my hallway in hopes that their dream is more interesting.

I choose a door I have never been in before and identify the dreamer as Taylor, the quiet guy who sits in the back of the classroom during  second period.   I enter his dream, expecting to see him fantasizing about his latest crush, or scoring the winning touch down, but his dream isn’t about him.  He is dreaming about three men dragging me out of my house and throwing me in the back of an unmarked van.  He then does something that no one else ever has; he turns to me, and tells me to run.

When I wake, my heart is pounding and tears are streaming down my face. “It’s just a dream,” I tell myself.  Still anxious, I climb out of bed, with plans to check the locks.  As my feet touch the carpet, I hear the sound of heavy tires pulling into the driveway.

Taylor’s dreamscape has become my reality.

If you would like to get to know Elizabeth Sogard for yourself, here are some ways to do it. (DO IT! LOL)




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