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D.D Scott

D. D. Scott writes romantic comedies that are actually funny.  Her series The Bootscootin’ Books can be found on Amazon’s Kindle and Smashwords. D.D is a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America) as well as RWA’s Chick Lit Writers of the World, Kiss of Death, ScriptScene, ESPAN, and IRWA Chapters, serves on RWA’s History Committee for the National RWA Board and is a regular in H.P Mallory’s writers group. This is where I had the pleasure of meeting D.D. She’s always eager to help a frustrated author along and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I’ve taken her advice, given her advice and think she’s a very gifted writer. I will share a bit of her ebook Thug Guard (a Cozy Cash Mystery) which is on my kindle now.

I walked into the Jiffy Mark at the corner of Pike’s Place and Sweenie Avenue. All I wanted was a bottle of my wheat grass-included, all-things-green Naked Juice. What I got was a dead man-yeah, as in who knows how he got that way but he sooo was_ a dead man in the passenger seat of the Range Rover parked next to me. This guy wasn’t just merely dead, he was most sincerely dead. And no, I’m not the Munchkin Land Corner. I’m Zoey Witherspoon, just another wanna-be Stephanie Plus about to call for back-up. My back-up, Roman Bellesconi-my very own Walker, Texas Ranger- was not gonna like that at all. Thinking the dead guy situation probably deserved my more immediate attention, I coached my sugar-deprived body to hold right for its much-needed burst of Naked Juice.

Want more? I bet you do! Here’s the amazon link to this fun, well-priced ebook. I’m including her facebook and twitter link so you can get to know D.D Scott better. Enjoy!





One comment on “D.D Scott

  1. Thanks beyond bunches for the “friend” shout-out, Jennifer!

    U rock!

    I sooo enjoy sharing all-things-publishing scoop w/u!

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