Once again our town is on fire. Okay, maybe not the town so much as a piece of forest in our town but still! For the time being it seems contained near my in-laws. (Not touching that one. HEHEHE) They haven’t been evacuated yet, but one little shift in wind and, bam, cops are a knocking and you’re packing up the Buick. The scene at my house today was so eerily close to the one I experienced a few years ago. There I was sitting at my desk typing away when in walks my mother yammering about smoke and closed roads. It took me a while to register what she was saying, but when it finally sank in I couldn’t help wondering why this was happening, again, and more importantly while I was having such a terrific writing day? Is God trying to tell me something and if so, what? Stop writing or I’ll burn this place to the ground. LOL. Let’s hope that’s not the message I’m missing here because if it is we’re in for a seriously blazing summer. 🙂


2 comments on “Fire

  1. Unless you are blazing in your count! Write woman. WRITE!

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