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New Character

Today, in chapter three of Messy Death I introduced a new character. I guess he wasn’t so much new as undeveloped. Enom Nowl is an excommunicated Reaper. Sound interesting? I sure thought so. Here is a little taste:

Reapers were a mysterious bunch. They never stayed on our plane of existence for more than a day or two. Kind of a weekend getaway, I guess. Reapers were not immortal although their deaths weren’t typical if there was such a thing. Unless you were a “qualified” government employee, the techniques for ending a Reaper weren’t common knowledge; not that it mattered. They weren’t a supernatureal threat. Truth be told, our jobs were quite similar. They ferried souls to the great beyond while I ferried bodies to the morgue.

Messy Death is now up to 10,586 words. We aren’t onto the next chapter yet, but this one is shaping up very nicely.

In other writing news, I started working on my ‘almost there’ YA novel this week. I’m reluctant to share much about this book as I’ve been working on it for nearly 11 years. It’s a labor of love that I will, eventually, see through to THE END.


One comment on “New Character

  1. That sounds awesome Jen! I have always thought that reapers were an interesting bunch. I love your limited description. I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

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