I think I have a bad case of the ‘was.’ My great friend, Liz Sogard, wrote an eye-opening blog about over using the word ‘that’ in her writing. Now, I may not suffer from this particular addiction, but I think I may have a mutated form. ‘Was’ is a great connecting word and for whatever reason very hard for me to get away from. I’m not in the editing stages yet, but I feel it may be something I get yelled at more than once. 

Messy Death is coming along nicely. Still haven’t made it to chapter four yet, but I’m darn close. I don’t really do long chapters because I don’t feel length needs to dictate the flow or completion of a chapter. For me, knowing when to end a chapter comes down to this: is this pause gripping enough to send the readers ahead or is it bookmark worthy?  I, personally, want the audience to devour my book in one sitting if at all possible. This is the sign of a great book. When I don’t want to stop reading for anything, I know I’ve found another novel for my keeper shelf.

Yesterday, I wrote less than 300 words, but they were awesome words. Here’s a snip of a snippet.

Of course, he wouldn’t question my orders outright, but his short-tempered movements were all the indication I needed. A storm was brewing.



5 comments on “Was

  1. I love books I can read in one sitting. I know Messy Death will be awesome!

  2. Messy Death is on my wishlist. Can’t wait!

    Oh, and “Can’t” is the word I overuse. In writing and in practice. :/

  3. You is a “was monster” It is good to figure it out now. May your words be as was free as possible!

  4. I giggled when I read this. I’m a huge over-user of the word “Was” and the passive voice in general. Once a college professor had me re-write a twenty page thesis in one night because she didn’t like my “voice” which included the lovely passive voice, and of course the word “was”. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one out there.

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