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The Magic Number

The magic number is: 782 bringing my word count just shy of 12,000. This scene, which is totally character centric btw, has been a tish difficult because though I know where it;s going I wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to get there. Now that I have that figured out, the rest should be easy breezy, but it’ll have to wait till tomorrow because I”m plum tuckered out. This is my favorite paragraph from tonight’s work:

Suddenly, I found myself searching for Emon. He moved beside the tree line, arms and legs pumping hard. Would tonight be the night he broke his promise? When he spoke my name would it be on a breath of regret or a sigh of ecstasy? “NO!” Anger filled my body with heat. This wasn’t how I wanted to spend my last minutes on earth, distrusting a friend who’d stop at nothing to save me.



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