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Only in my town could you look out your car window while stopped at a light and see a miniature version of Captain Jack Sparrow riding a bicycle. By miniature, I mean mid-thirties, slender and short not like a child. He was fully genuine with his black pirate hat, flapping leather coat, black clothes, beaded goatee all sitting atop a, wait for it…. fire engine red, fat seat granny bike!!!!! I couldn’t look away. He sailed on by like it was completely normal to dress like Johnny Depp’s wannabe stunt double. I couldn’t get enough of the hat. I mean, seriously! This hat CANNOT be pulled off in real life. On Halloween, sure. It’s A-okay to wear. If you’re on-scene filming Pirates 6, go for it. But wearing it out and about will get you stared at for all the wrong reasons. Oh, and sidenote: if you’re riding along side traffic, you could cause an accident. Not that I hit the truck in front of me or anything, but I may have (I repeat MAY HAVE) come a tad close. LOL.

P.S. Spell check wanted to change Depp’s to Doop. 🙂


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  1. That is friggin’ hilarious!

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