Satisfied Sigh

Even though I’ve been awake since 3 AM, I managed to get 723 words written on Messy Death. I couldn’t be more proud. My beta used the word fantastic when describing my work which made my day. (She doesn’t toss that descriptor out there all that much. LOL) I’ll give you her fav sentence because I need to gloat.

Over the frothing threats of mortality, I could feel my name on his lips, a simmer of regret and ecstasy waiting to explode.

(In case you were wondering, you aren’t crazy. This is an edit of a perviously posted sentence. What can I say? This is how we writers do. We edit, edit then edit some more. I can’t promise you won’t see a variation of this sentence again. In fact, I’m already thinking it would flow better without the ‘frothing’ part, but who knows. The chapter will end Wednesday and that’s all I have to say about that. Mmmm-hmmm.)


2 comments on “Satisfied Sigh

  1. I throw around fantastic a lot! You are a fantastic person. A fantastic wordsmith. Lets not forget the fact you are a fantastic friend as well. You are FANTASTIC and I am lucky to have met you.

  2. You just had to go and prove me wrong didn’t you? LOL

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