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Chapter 3 is DONE!

Well, chapter 3 of Messy Death has been edited (only once) and put to bed. The ending is exactly how I want it and chapter 4 has been started. Tonight, I will give you two, yes I said two, teasers from my WIP. Word total to date: 13403!

Here is the last two paragraphs of chapter 3:

Up the bank, flashing lights filtered through the trees, tires skated to a gravely stop and hammering footsteps announced we were out of time. My heart thundered disappointment. There was still so much to say; to ask, but people were clamoring forward. Their intrusion shook the bridge so badly I had to steady myself.

Through all the chaos and noise, Lent remained stoic his gaze never leaving mine. Under different circumstances, his attentiveness, even from afar, would’ve been sweet, but as it stood we were two strangers locked in apprehensive silence.

Here is a snippet from the beginning of chapter four: 

            During daylight hours, the bridge reminded me of a contorted spine. The planks of vertebra bulged and twisted until barely a sliver of space existed between them. Along shore, most the trees were dead.

I know! Cut off too soon, but that’s what happens when the baby starts wailing while you’re trying to create a scene. LOL. Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more updates.


One comment on “Chapter 3 is DONE!

  1. Doesn’t it feel great to make progress! Looks good 🙂

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