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Endings First

Today, I decided to do something totally different. I knew exactly how I wanted chapter four of Messy Death to end, and so I wrote the last paragraphs first. It turned out awesome!!! In the spirit of “doing something different,” I’ve decided to share the general outline/plot of chapter four with you today instead of my favorite paragraphs. This will give you an idea of how my process works and maybe help you figure out a process of your own.

Okay. Here it is.

  • Goes to Ellis Park to contemplate explanations for some of Lent’s mysterious behavior.
  • Describe bridge and surroundings where she nearly died during daylight hours.
  • Awkward, possessive scenes (in bar) between Vira and Lent.
  • First attempt on Vira’s life. (How does she get out of it?)
  • Lent disappears. Doesn’t initially say anything. Reminds her of her ex, Latimer. Very hurt.
  • Gets called to a crime scene clean-up where she finds yet another one of her perfume bottles. Mind is reeling.
  • Lent shows up at her apartment that night. Tells her he has to leave but won’t say why. Promises they’ll talk when he gets back.

There it is folks. The entire chapter four of Messy Death. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot is going on, but this is bare bones plotting. My chapters seem to be averaging 4,000 + words which is relatively short, so at least I’m not droning on and on. LOL. Currently this chapter has 1954 done, and I’m loving what I have.




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