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Lentle Maste


     When I create a character, I usually like to have a base for them. This  base is a person I find attractive either in attitude, looks or both. If you watch the show Rookie Blue, you will know who this character is right away. If not, let me introduce you to Sam Swarek a Rookie training officer. He’s slightly stoic, protective, strong, brave, snarky in both an obvious and passive aggressive way and (in my opinion) totally hot.

     He is my base for Messy Death character Lentle Maste. There are, however, some obvious difference. Lentle is a BIG guy and Sam is a tish on the short side, also he is harsher than Sam in a lot of ways and also WAY more up front about his feelings. I could go into more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Just wanted to give you a minor visual for a character that wasn’t suppose to be and then turned into a major player.  


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