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Chapter Four

         Okay, this update is for Melinda Mcguire (@melindamcguire) because she was kind enough to ask for it via Twitter. Here it is! Enjoy and keep in mind you’re coming in mid-scene, but I know you savvy people can keep up.

     Everybody was nodding except Lentle. He was pulling his ‘Vira will go away if I don’t make a sound or move a muscle’ thing again. I swear, it was like we’d traveled back in time two weeks only this time we had spectators. “You running a tab, hun or paying as you go?”

     I snatched up my beer and shot Gina a wide smile. “Since I don’t plan on buying the majority of my drinks tonight, I’m gonna pay as I go.” Our waitress chuckled approvingly. “Ahhh. Somebody came to party.” She glanced back at the bar where I saw a particularly handsome man in leather eyeballing our table. “There’s some fine cuts to choose from tonight, girl. Fine indeedy.”

     If Lent could have fun with everybody but me, then I could have fun without him too. “Thanks for the heads up, Gina. I know where I’m starting now.”

     “Don’t slip on the drool,” she warned, pocketing the money for my beer, plus tip, and sauntering a step or two behind me. “He’s not subtle about what he likes to look at.” It was my turn to chuckle. “Good,” The waitress veered off behind the bar, but I knew she could still hear me. “I’m not feeling particularly subtle tonight.”


One comment on “Chapter Four

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the voice of this! 🙂

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