On Editing

Though I haven’t had the pleasure of working on my own completed manuscript, I’ve edited my way to a few pearls of wisdom. Today, I will share two coined phrases that are especially important in editing.

Striker sentences~ This is a sentence that strikes the heart of an issue through complete effectiveness. I love striker sentences because they hit with nothing but truth. In my personal opinion, striker sentences should not be wordy. The whole point of a striker sentence is direct impact. A striker sentence gone long will kill momentum while confusing your reader. Don’t let the word blender claim another great striker sentence

Double Tapped Words~ Watch out for them, folks. They are an editing gremlin you shouldn’t feed after midnight. Ever! Double tapped Words come in many forms and are basically any word you repeat in a sentence or sentences. Beware of the ‘after’ sentence double tap as it slows pace as well. Here is an example of a double tapped word: The snow was so cold, and I hated being cold. Being cold felt like being dead.  There are actually two ‘double tapped words’ in these sentences. Being and Cold. Do you see how the repetitiveness makes you stumble?

This can also be a problem with words like he, she, his andher. Example: She didn’t know why she was so sad . As far as double tapped words go, the she in this sentence isn’t that bad, but a direct route is always better. Why was she so sad? An example of an ‘after’ double tapped word, would look like this: She didn’t know why she was so sad. She only knew that she was.  She is certainly in issue here. It’s used more than twice, (maybe it should be called a quad tap? lol) and definitely throws the reader off.

In editing, double tapped words and striker sentences are crucial. And, yes I double tapped the sh#* out of striker sentences on purpose. What can I say? I enjoy being a smart ass. 🙂


3 comments on “On Editing

  1. Double-tapped words are my nemesis! They always seem to slip through the radar no matter how many times I read through a manuscript.

  2. I’ll just say oops… lol You have a great point. These are things that are difficult for an author to see themselves but are super easy to fix!

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