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Frostbound by Sharon Ashwood

BACK BLURB~ As a snowstorm locks down the city, more than the roads get iced. Someone has beheaded the wrong girl, and vampire-on-the-run Talia Rostova thinks the hit was meant for her. Now she’s the prime suspect in her own botched murder- and the prisoner of her smoking-hot neighbor. Lore is a hellhound, bred to serve and […]


Well, it looks like Chapter Five is going to have a Part I and Part II. Today, I finished Part I! It was invigorating. Coming in at just under 3,000 words, I found the ending of this scene to be one of my all time favorites to write. I’d love to share a few nips, […]


In all the hubbub of starting yet another algebra class, I almost overlooked the fact that I’ve hit a HUGE mile marker on Messy Death. 20,799 words! OH YEAH! I anticipate an 80,000 word novel if not more. That means I’m 25% finished! Can you believe it? I can’t. To celebrate, here’s a few paragraphs depicting […]

Emon Nowl

    Here’s my muse for Emon Nowl, my Reaper character in Messy Death. They won’t look identical or anything, but when a guy looks like that it’s hard not to pay homage.

Chapter 5

Is up to 2,151 words. Not a huge leap from the last time I updated you, but I’m happy because I made my goal for the day. Now, I’m off to feel utterly stupid. Reviewing Algebra is such a downer. My favorite blurb from today’s work: “You realize we’re one short, right?” Before he could […]

Stephanie Nelson

Bio~ I’m a Illinoisan where i live with my wonderful husband. I fell in love with books a little late in life. In my early twenties i found Stephenie Meyer’s books and had never experienced connecting with a book like that. From that moment on i needed more! Since then i’ve moved on from sparkly, fang-less vampire stories […]

Death and a Hangover

Chapter Five of Messy Death is over 1,000 words as of today! Woot, Woot. Also, I have a plot, subplot, high concept hook, theme and working title for Vira’s sequel. I’m not going to share any of them right now, but I will give you a glimpse into what I got accomplished today. Here’s the […]