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Fall Semester

Algebra cartoon #8

August 20th means back to school for me, and let me tell you I’m nervous as hell. Why, you ask? Because this semester I am forced to take yet another math class. The dreaded intermediate algebra. UGH. I don’t know how bad it’ll be, but I’m assuming bad as I didn’t take my math classes back to back to back like a good college student ought to. What can I say; I figured taking an easy course load while I was pregnant and adjusting to having an infant was more important than back to back math classes. Probably a wise decision at the time, but come 8/20/2011  one I may regret LOL. Oh well. You do what you have to do to learn and better yourself, right? Wish me luck. And never fear; I will keep you apprised of my nail-biting woes every step of the way. LOL. Lucky you.


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