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A cute saying came to me the other day. It was so cute in fact that I’m sharing it with you along with a Messy Death Chapter Four teaser. “Out with the bad, in with the muse.”

This week my Muse came to me in the form of a bowl. I know;  I know. This seems a little weird to me too, but I was wandering around TJ Max when all of a sudden the prettiest bowl caught my eye and wouldn’t let go. Looking at its glittering green and purple pattern inspired me not just with creativity but belief in my skill and inevitable success. Here are a few pictures of my trapped-in-glass Muse.

The pictures don’t do her justice. Still, I think you can see why I fell in love. Now, on to my favorite snippet from today’s writing.

Sailing through the moist July air on the back of his bike made my thorny encounter with Lent totally worthwhile.

Being on something so loud and powerful cleared the cobwebs of reality by flooding my  consciousness with other more exhilarating emotions:  fear; excitement; jubilation. They intensified each time Homer clutched to change speeds from dangerously fast to downright suicidal.


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