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Chapter Four: DONE!

Well, folks. I gotta say it. I’m loving Messy Death. It’s shaping up in ways I would’ve never anticipated. My characters are witty, real and flawed as hell. I’m so attached. LOL. Chapter four is done and my grin is a mile wide. The sense of accomplishment I feel right now should be bottled. Seriously. It’s euphoric. Without further ado, here are a few paragraphs from the end(ish) of chapter four.

“I gotta go.” He interrupted for the third and final time. He moved so fast I barely realized what was happening until the floor boards creaked again.

“Hey! Wait!” Of course that didn’t work. His back was disappearing faster than chocolate in a house full of menstrual women. To add injury to insult, I chased him.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me with this, right?” Obviously not. By the time I reached the living room, Homer boy already had one foot out the door. Literally. A stream of obscenities forced my mouth to open then close when something big and man shaped moved into view.

“Whoa,” Lent exclaimed, raising both palms as my fleeing one-nighter almost plowed into him. Everything I may have been feeling right then disappeared. Well, all but that rancid sense of humiliation. That increased tenfold.


One comment on “Chapter Four: DONE!

  1. I just LOVE the title “Messy Death” – fantastic !

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