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Death and a Headache

I am now 500 words into Chapter 5 of Messy Death. Things are going great and I’m finally, FINALLY comfortable with the fact that this is a first draft. Yes, I still allow myself one (sometimes two) edits of a completed chapter but that’s it. I don’t pour or agonize over them as I once did because I know when the books finished I can come back and plug-in everything I left out. Easy, breezy. 

At any rate, I wanted to share a little taste (haha) of what this part of Vira’s story has to offer. Be prepared. It’s not, um, pleasant.

The next morning was hell. Prying my eyes open took more than a few tries. As soon as light hit them, drilling pain ensued. I threw myself over the toilet moments after I’d already started throwing up. It was a rotten, chunky mess that encouraged more retching than one person should ever have to endure. When it was finally over, I stood in my bathroom covered in pieces of partially digested food dazed by the horror of what just happened.


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