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Thrift Store Inspiration

This weeks muse is an old, scuffed up painting I found while visiting a cute Thrift store in town. It’s dinged, scrapped, faded and the frame leaves much  to be desired, but the $1.50 find stopped me in my tracks all the same.

The quaint scene spoke to me. A cute if not somewhat dilapidated book store aptly called ‘ye olde book shop.’ A tall, wrought iron fence meant to keep the ally blocked off. A trash can beside a door that could easily lead into some sort of restaurant. Flyers painting the bricks beside the store, sale books up front along with various pieces of artwork.

This picture may not belong under lights on a museum wall, but it gave my semi quiet muse a good poke and now she’s zipping around fast as a fairy on Red Bull.  Gotta love thrift store inspiration!


One comment on “Thrift Store Inspiration

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