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Death and a Hangover

Chapter Five of Messy Death is over 1,000 words as of today! Woot, Woot. Also, I have a plot, subplot, high concept hook, theme and working title for Vira’s sequel. I’m not going to share any of them right now, but I will give you a glimpse into what I got accomplished today.

Here’s the teaser. Enjoy!

Hurt rolled my already aching stomach into a ball of outrage. Lent had shown up without me! His avoidance had actually put our jobs at risk and for what? The privilege of seeing me raked over the coals? He’d picked a moment of spiteful satisfaction over our friendship.

Sick as I was, the torrent of heat and bile flooding my system couldn’t be stopped. Det. Trary walked into view and my fury zeroed in on him. “HEY!” I stomped forward, fists clenched. My muscles ached from processing last night’s booze so each step felt awkward and jerky.


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