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Chapter 5


Is up to 2,151 words. Not a huge leap from the last time I updated you, but I’m happy because I made my goal for the day. Now, I’m off to feel utterly stupid. Reviewing Algebra is such a downer. My favorite blurb from today’s work:

“You realize we’re one short, right?” Before he could blink it away, a flash of discomfort lightened his normally dark eyes. Bingo! The Reaper knew something. “Where’s Lent, Emon?” He didn’t shift or step back, but the strain of his brow implied he wanted to. “He quite didn’t he?”

“Miss Silk,” My midsection clenched at the reluctance in his voice. It was true. Had to be. Why else would the Reaper act dodgy over such a simple question?

“Emon, spit it out. Now!” 


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