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Chapter 5 Part II

I’m just shy of 2,000 words and things are really heating up. Vira has a lot going on this chapter. Yes, it’s slow going, but this time it’s by choice. My poor main character is going through a lot right now. This part has a lot of movement and emotion which means taking everything into consideration. I’m still writing with abandon, but also a shrewd eye. LOL. Here’s a taste:

Annabel’s hall was wider than mine. Two people could pass each other with elbow room to spare whereas getting around somebody at my place meant dry humping. I passed two doors on my way to Annabel’s master suite. Since it took up the entire back half of her house, it’d be ideal for my first Ozone Generator.

Just inside, there was an outlet. I tried not to let my eyes wander, but the cozy feeling made it difficult. Bright colors made Annabel’s room vibrant yet peaceful; like stepping into a warm hug. It must’ve been nice for her to come in here after work. I could almost see her flouncing onto that big, made-up bed ready to relax the days stresses away. But not anymore. Sorrow shuddered through me as I knelt to plug in the machine that would erase Annabel’s presence from this house once and for all.  

Skip ahead a few paragraphs…

“That’s great,” my jaw clenched down. It was an attempt at not going off, but facts were facts. Fact one, he knew where Lent had scurried off to. Fact two, his sorry ass knew before me. Fact three, just like Lent, Emon wasn’t in a hurry to share his answers.

Anger burst from my seams. I jammed the Generators plug into the outlet hard enough that plastic cracked. A jagged line fractured the covers smooth surface. I jumped up, all traces of my hangover forgotten.

“How about you proceed with telling me about Le-” The room’s friendly embrace turned claustrophobic. I choked down words that were no longer important as every thought spun from my head except one. It pulsed over and over and over again. How?


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