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Still Going!


Chapter Five of Messy Death is up to a word count of 5,185 and still going! Today was very productive and I’m proud as poo to give you a tiny taste.

     Forty five minutes later, we were done. My arms were shaky from using the saw, another headache had set in and I felt downright fatigued, but we were done. That’s what mattered. Trary loitered in Annabel’s garage looking pissed off. An unlit cigarette hung from his lips. Flicking it to the ground on my way past would’ve been so gratifying but both hands were full. Thank God.

     “You don’t know shit about starting a job, Silk, but you sure as hell finish quick enough.” I didn’t pause in my trek to the van.

     “It’s called efficiency, Trary. You should jot it down and refer back later. I hear it’s the Detective way.”


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