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It’s Saturday & I’m DONE!

Wow. That’s like the first goal I’ve finished on time in like…forever! I’m so stinking proud of myself I’m going to give you a particularly intriguing snippet. Enjoy!   As if he could read my mind, Lent said, “I can’t tell you what’s going on with me right now. Can’t even tell you why I […]

Chapter Six: done by Saturday!

So, things with this chapter have been going quick. My goal is to be done with it no later than tomorrow night. Woot, woot. Also, on the writing front I wanted to share my decision to epub. Yes, that’s right folks. I’m joining the ranks. My YA novel is one I’ve been working on for 11 years. […]

Messy Chapter 6

Vira has not been having a good time lately. I’d like to say chapter six offers her some reprieve but I’m not that nice. Today was productive and most importantly fun! Here’s to a brand new chapter. Enjoy. The swelling was bad. Over the ridge of my nose, I could just make out a lump […]

Blast from the Past

Earlier while I was cleaning/rearranging my room, I stumbled upon an old high school paper. Naturally, I got an A on this paper. Of course 5 points were deducted because of a forgotten title page but whatev; I still rocked it. LOL. Anyway, in honor of the past I’m posting the complete story right now. So […]

Elizabeth Sogard Part II

My friend and crit partner is a wonderful woman, a woman who takes chances with her writing everyday. She pushes the envelope simply because it makes her feel more alive, more in love with her writing. My friend writes with abandon and makes you feel what her characters are feeling. My friend is rarely afraid […]


  This was on my friend and crit partners blog earlier today. I thought it was awesome. I’m not gonna tell her I found the mistake right away. It would just piss her off. 🙂

Chapter Five. Big Sigh!

Coming it at exactly 10,319 words, my fifth chapter is finally done. Vira’s adventure is getting dicey not to mention violent and though I took the night off (instead of starting chapter 6) to toy around with Messy Death’s pitch I have no intention of leaving the few followers I have teaser-less.  Keep in mind, […]