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So, Messy Death’s fifth chapter is up to 10,000 words and nearly finished. I almost feel like this chapter has been a book all on it’s own as finishing it will be an exciting accomplishment. Today, Vira is in a considerable amount of danger. Writing action scenes can be fun as well as frustrating. People think writers have an easy breezy time getting their vision onto paper. Not true. I find the more clearly I see a scene the harder it is to capture as every detail needs to be just so. That being said, it’s still fun as hell even the annoying parts. Here’s a snippet of Vira’s troubles. Hope you enjoy! 

The door swung open. My eyes fixed on Kitty’s take-out bag then scanned up. It took a minute to register what I was seeing. A man. Semi tall, dressed in black with a mask over his face. Staring into the blank area where his eyes, mouth and nose should’ve been was alarming but not alarming enough. Instead of recognizing the situation for what it was, I just stood there mesmerized by own confusion.

Things moved fast from that point on. The delivery guy didn’t push his way in so much as stroll forward.In a purposeful advance, he crossed into my apartment, tossed Kitty’s bag inside, slammed the door shut and griped my arm. His fingers bit into me. Gloves kept him from drawing blood, but I could still feel his nails through the fabric.

Strange that it took pain to get me to react. A belated scream worked into my throat, but delivery guy anticipated as much. Like a ballerina, he spun me round until my back was pinned against his chest. When his free hand caught the scream before it ever really existed, I went wild with panic.


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