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Chapter Five. Big Sigh!

Coming it at exactly 10,319 words, my fifth chapter is finally done. Vira’s adventure is getting dicey not to mention violent and though I took the night off (instead of starting chapter 6) to toy around with Messy Death’s pitch I have no intention of leaving the few followers I have teaser-less. 

Keep in mind, I did shorten it. The original ending for chapter five will move to chapter six, so if by chance you remember my ‘Ending first’ post (this is where I posted a taste of chapter fives original ending) I don’t want you to be confused. Not that I even think anybody cares, LOL. Just saying.

Okay, time to peek into chapter five’s window…

Stand up! You’re almost there. I shoved to my feet and half wobbled half ran at the door.

It wasn’t graceful or steady but it worked. I reached out, woozy and desperate for escape. So close; just a few more steps…Fingers tangled in my hair and yanked. My neck arched back. A faint gurgling escaped me before I was spun into a fist. 

Pain. It flashed through me like white-hot electricity. My eyes went bleary but caught a smear of movement before he hit me again. The second punch landed in my left eye socket. I stumbled back as his grip on my scalp released. For a split-second, my body stayed perfectly still, processing.


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