Elizabeth Sogard Part II

My friend and crit partner is a wonderful woman, a woman who takes chances with her writing everyday. She pushes the envelope simply because it makes her feel more alive, more in love with her writing. My friend writes with abandon and makes you feel what her characters are feeling. My friend is rarely afraid of rejection, but she’s won a contest for her first Adult novel pitch and is rightfully terrified. I think it’s everything a pitch should be and though I cannot deny bias I can let you judge for yourselves.

 Beneath the Surface

It was the second chance she never asked for and didn’t deserve.

One good deed, saving a man from drowning, does not wipe out years of her life where lying was a way of staying hidden,stealing a form of survival and letting herself be abused by some was a way to survive the others. If Atlantis knew what Alayna was capable of, the things she had done, they would have let her drown.

Instead, they gave her a home where being dead is a practicality and mermaids have ugly tails.

They called her a hero. A hero would have left as soon as she was able. A hero would have stayed when Atlantis was threatened. It is Alayna who must find the strength to return…

And now a word from Liz’s favorite Messy Death character, Emon Nowl. (Because she has such a crush on him. hehe)

“Mrs. Sogard, good deeds are tricky whether done in this world or the next. I enjoyed your “pitch” as it’s called and took special delight in your mention of death. Being dead is a practicality Reapers are very familiar with. Good luck in all your future contest submissions. Your talents deserve recognition.” 

Liz, I hope this settles your excited nerves a bit, and just so we’re clear I totally agree with Emon. Your talents deserve recognition!




2 comments on “Elizabeth Sogard Part II

  1. Thanks Emon and thanks Jen! As authors you would think we always had the words. A simple thank you don’t feel like enough and a long winded epitaph seems…a tad over board. Somewhere between the two is how I feel.

    Every time I have needed a pick me up you have become that go to person. Emon (and you) was exactly what I needed to do final edits on chapter one and press send.

    Round two begins tomorrow. I’ll be sure to send you a link! I am as excited as I am terrified. Would you mind sending Emon to snuggle with me tonight? I’ll give him back tomorrow in almost prime condition 🙂

  2. Terrific, thanks so much for sharing!!

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