Blast from the Past

Earlier while I was cleaning/rearranging my room, I stumbled upon an old high school paper. Naturally, I got an A on this paper. Of course 5 points were deducted because of a forgotten title page but whatev; I still rocked it. LOL. Anyway, in honor of the past I’m posting the complete story right now. So exciting. (If you comment, be gentle and remember this was written 15-16 years ago. lol Also, I’m not fixing anything. I’m copying it exactly as-is.) I hope you enjoy.


Gregory Townships Big Green Monster

     It was a cold October night. The shadows were endless and the trees were huge monstrous creatures, towering over everything. The wind had a life of it’s own with a voice crisp and coarse. It san the song of cold jarring weather and added to this bewitching night. The ground was moist and frigid as well, but the smell was one entirely of fall. The sky was a black ocean of infinite powers and full of seemingly harmless stars. But to me, they twinkled with what I could only perceive to be splendid mischief.

     My best friend Danielle Weatherby was spending the night with me Friday night and coming right over after school. We had decided it would be fitting of the month to take the short cut home through the woods that every one had been saying was hunted. Danie and I had walked to my house that way many times before but it was only recently that kids had come up missing and one, lord rest his soul was found murdered.

     Little Timmy Johnson had been playing with his dog in the woods while his mother was waiting to pick up his sister from school, Jamie Johnson. The woods weren’t to far from the HIgh School and it was a common thing for Timmy to play in them while his mother sat and watching from the parking lot while waiting for Jamie. But on this particular day Jamie was a little late and Mrs. Johnson was in a bit of a rush so she went inside the school figuring Timmy would be ok just playing by the opening to the trail that lead back into the dark depths of the woods. But it turned out that it wasn’t ok, Timmy wasn’t there when Jamie and her mother returned from inside the school. And what makes this true story even creepier was that not only was Timmy missing but his dog was missing as well. Mrs. Johnson went nuts she walked into the woods screaming Timmy’s name,,,,, it was dark as it often was in there but she had said in the report she made that she started hearing a low growling off to her left, at first she thought it was the dog but didn’t have a chance to find out because from behind her she heard her daughter screaming hysterically from the parking lot. She ran back only to see her daughter standing over her dead dog whose inside had become it’s outsides. The poor mut had been gutted like a deer during deer season. Mrs. Johnson ran to the car with her daughter and let the police handle it from there. They searched the woods and by the end of the night they had found little Timmy Johnsons body sprawled out in a pile of leaves not more then a hundred feet from the old decrepit house that was once the towns most famous home. I had gotten this information first hand because of my father who was head of the police department and had been there when Timmy’s body had been found. He had told me all the details in order for me to be scared and not want to go any where near those woods but it had only tweaked my interests.

     I was looking forward to the walk home. Through the woods. Danielle on the other hand wasn’t as excited as myself. She sat next to me in out last hour Science class. “I can’t believe were going to walk through the woods and by the house were Timmy Johnson was killed,,, no let me rephrase,,,,, murdered and sliced open. Why Jenny,,, why do you have this fascination with fear, and death?” I smiled a coy smile which I knew she hated because she was being serious and I was being playful. “It’s not all that bad,” I say cocking my head to the side slyly. “It’ll be fun,,, it’s Holloween Danie where’s your sense of adventure?” She shrugged her shoulders surrendering to me and my warped demands. “Whatever, but if I get killed I swear to god,,,” suddenly I noticed the class wasn’t talking and neither was the teacher. “Well Misss Weatherby and Miss Marshall ,” said Miss Bean upset with our disturbing the classes learning process. “since you seem to want to talk while I am lectureing then you two can stay ten minutes after school today.”  Danie rolled her eyes as did I but there was nothing to be done.

     Having left school late Danie and I knew the only way to make it home on time now was to take the short cut through the woods. It was no longer an option it was a must. The path was creepy and it seemed the further we went the darker it got. The little light we had left was very much so valued. The woods were quiet and every sound we made was amplified ten times at least. No birds were chirping now squirrels were squiring around. I could hear Danie’s heart thumping against her chest as loudly as I could hear my own.

     Suddenly there ahead of us was an old deserted house. The one I had seen many times before but never really looked at this closely before. It’s shingles were grey with rot and swinging by one lonely hinge. Just on the brink of falling off but resisting. The door was slightly open and as we entered we heard vicious scratching coming from the up stairs. The stairs were off to the left and looked as though they would all fall apart if even a feather were to drop upon them. “Let’s just leave.” Said Danie fear making her voice sound almost unrecognizable. Then to our horror there in the corner was something so unthinkable I stopped dead in my tracks. I was vaguely aware of a high pitched screaming to my left but paid no attention. My attention was focused on IT. Scales, everywhere that was all I could see, it was covered in scales. The were a dark green and although whatever it was wasn’t human it took on a very human shape. “Jenny,,,, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND COME ON LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!!!” Danie screamed. She turned took two steps and reached the door that had suddenly shut without any warning. “THE DOOR WON’T OPEN,,,OH GOD HELP US!!” There was no calming Danie down and I feared that she was only upsetting the creature more by all her screaming. Danie took a few steps away from the door lashed out with her foot and kicked the door, with a majestic grunt the door gave way and my best friend bolted out. “My name is Jenny,” I say looking the creature directly in it’s fire red eyes. “No,” it said viciously “your dead!” I anticipated it’s next move even before it happened and hot I had managed to do that I wasn’t sure but it lunged at me hungry and wanting so I dodged to the right and it missed me completely. Not knowing anything else to do I headed up the stairs. Probably a mistake I know but fear had taken hold of me like nothing ever had before, not even my curious nature. I heard heavy snarl like breathing from behind me but paid no attention. I ran into the first room I could see which happened to be a huge bathroom with two very large windows in them overlooking what, back in the day I could only assume would have been called the garden, and slammed the door shut. The door however wasn’t very sturdy and I knew it would give way soon. The monster bashed into the door over and over and over again. The old rotten wood began to splinter. A trickle of sweat caused by my own fear made it’s way down from my forehead and onto my cheek. I was done for. All the warnings had been for nothing because I couldn’t shut my curious mind off once in a while and now it had gotten me into a situation where I was probably going to die. But then I had a clear moment of pure inspiration. The door fell with little effort to the ground and the monster stood there at full height and stared at me. “What are you? I asked quietly. “I am the thing that lurks in the shadows on Holloween I am what puts dread into the hearts of all the fear junkies of the world. I am hate and evil all mixed into one perfect being. I am the hate in us all. I am you sweet Jenny and you are me. I am your friend Danie I am even a part of your mother and father. I am in every one but I am myself. I am hate, evil, and fear all in one. Does that satisfy your curious little mind because I wouldn’t want you to die not knowing the hole story?” I gave him a prudish leer.

     “Oh, so you are me and I am you is that it?” His teeth were very noticable to me now but I kept my discourteous manor about me. “Don’t answer a question with a question Jenny, it’s rude and it is a waste of my eating time.”

     His voice was something more bone chilling then death itself. I would have rather been talking to the devil himself for I presume he would be emanating more warmth then this thing.  “Ok, but one more thing before I go. Your are not me and I am not you. You are yourself and have never been apart of me. Hate doesn’t live within me and never has so you are nothing to me. And I’ll tell you something else there was no hate in little Timmy Johnson either so whatever your stupid reasons are for running around killing people really are that isn’t on of them.” He wasn’t please with this and I hadn’t intended for him to be either this was where I hoped God would step in and give me a hand. “I am what I say I am and that is that!!” He screamed. I began to laugh so hard in fact that it almost convinced me. “SHUT UP!!!” He lunged with such over whelming power that I knew my plan had worked. I jumped to the side and he went crashing through the window with a fierce howl. I heard him hit the ground and didn’t feel one bit of remorse. I sat for a moment and enjoyed the great deed I had just accomplished and as I walked out of that ugly house I smiled knowing that my curiosity was more then satisfied.


I’m not going to lie; re-typing that exactly how it was written and graded was hard. There were so many mistakes I can’t believe I got an A, but there were parts that really made me smile and descriptions that had me going wow. I was a pretty good writer back then too. YAY me. LOL. 


3 comments on “Blast from the Past

  1. Very cool. I wasn’t brave enough to publish my first stories. hehe. It’s for the best though.

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