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Messy Chapter 6

Vira has not been having a good time lately. I’d like to say chapter six offers her some reprieve but I’m not that nice. Today was productive and most importantly fun! Here’s to a brand new chapter. Enjoy.

The swelling was bad. Over the ridge of my nose, I could just make out a lump of bluish skin. Looking at it was a strain though so my fingers did a quick assessment.

As expected, the flesh felt tight and puffy. There was a whisper of hair where my lashes should’ve been but nothing more. If I didn’t get some anti inflammatorys soon, it’d be days before that eye opened again. “Lent?” I pulled myself into a sitting position, legs spread in front of me, and listened for his reply. There wasn’t one.

(This is what I imagine Vira’s butler chair would’ve looked like. I couldn’t share the picture without sharing a blurb relevent to it. I know you’re coming in halfway through the paragraph and things are confusing, but this is all I can give ya. Sorry. If you want more, you’ll have to buy the book when it comes out.)

Books, which were also second-hand buys, littered my floor along with a few errant knickknacks and frames I had yet to put pictures in. Almost too small to do anything with, that corner of my living room was an impractical space that I’d made nice with a bookcase and butlers chair.

My heart sank as I saw it had not escaped damage. Its tall, ornament backrest was ruined, completely obliterated. Figures, since that quirky element had been the whole motivation behind buying it. Well, that and the fact that Latimer suggested a small, decorative chair would work best in that corner.


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