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Chapter Six: done by Saturday!

So, things with this chapter have been going quick. My goal is to be done with it no later than tomorrow night. Woot, woot. Also, on the writing front I wanted to share my decision to epub. Yes, that’s right folks. I’m joining the ranks. My YA novel is one I’ve been working on for 11 years. I started it when I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s been a labor of hate, I mean love, definitely love. LOL. I don’t see this book going past 30 chapters and, as of last night, I am on number 25. The book will shrink by half when edits come round, I’m sure, but it’s long so I’m not worried. My goal for this YA novel is to have it epubed by this summer if not sooner. 

Expressing how content this decision has made me is hard. As some of you know, goals and I don’t mix; however, I’m learning that even if you can’t reach the time specific ones picking a direction and moving in it, no matter what, is key. (Some days, I believe that’s a bigger accomplishment then reaching your goals as predicted; not that I know what that’s like. LOL)

I will publish a blurb for my YA novel when it is finished and going through my first round of edits. As time moves forward, there will be more and more information released, including a title, but for now you’ll just have to settle for a lookyloo into Vira’s messy world.

I headed away from Kitty’s fully prepared to buy drugs and call it a day when I saw it, or him rather. He stood across the street kiddy corner from my position. There was a cross walk pole obscuring his frame but it wasn’t big enough to make him unrecognizable.

Lentle Maste. I stopped, forcing my good eye to focus, to be sure. Tall, broad and wound together with muscles so swollen he always looked like he’d just gotten done working out. Yup. There was no doubt. It was him. We traded stares as vehicles whizzed through the intersection. Though half of it was hidden behind a junction box, his expression became blank, almost startled.   

Before I could call out or wave him over, he fled. Literally turned around and threw himself into a thick crowd of bodies. I started blinking rapidly at his retreat. It may not have erased the image of him clamoring away, but there was nothing left to do. A full-grown man had seen me coming and took off in the other direction. No. Not just any full-grown man, a full-grown man that had saved my life, twice, and slept with me.

A rational woman might’ve analyzed things before doing what I did next, but rational goes out the window when your eyeball feels like it’s being squished in a vice gripe.


One comment on “Chapter Six: done by Saturday!

  1. Exciting, Congrats!

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