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“We all go a little mad sometimes,”

I don’t know why doubt has crept in again. Things with Messy Death couldnt’ be going better and progress is being made on my YA book, but something in me is scared to death. The writing industry is hard to break into. Talent gets turned down every day. Why am I good enough? In my mind, […]

1,675 Words!

Today was a very productive day. I’ve been so preoccupied with Thanksgiving plans that I’ve let my writing lapse a bit, but as of today I’m back in the saddle again. I promise to leave another teaser this weekend as this one will be shorter than I wanted. Until then…enjoy! “Wait,” I held up a hand. […]

Thankful Lessons: Carve that Scene!

In my experience, the clearer an author sees a scene the harder it is to write. We (or more accurately I) complicate it with details because heaven forbit it isn’t exactly how I imagined in my head. This ‘over thinking’ leads to word bloat with a side of confused imagery, but every paragraph is a chance to […]


I did it again. Somehow, chapter 7 became its own entity and the outline I had written out turned into chapter eight’s plot. I’m okay with this for two reasons. One, after writing a 10,000 word plus chapter a few short chapters won’t kill me. Two, this chapter has such great pace it doesn’t feel […]

New Character!

Chapter 7 of Messy Death intro’s a sexy new character. The inspiration behind his look came from actor Eric Christian Olsen of NCIS L.A. I love Deeks because he is so quirky, but he and the Fae Paranormal Police Detective have nothing in common. Even the look is tweaked quite a bit but sharing a mock-up will wet your […]

Chapter 7

I wanted to assure anybody who cares that things are sort of looking up for Vira. Here’s a little taste of Chapter 7’s drama. After Lent disappeared, I got my phone from the bedroom. Being without it all day had probably been a very bad thing. There were bound to be a handful of missed […]