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Chapter 7

I wanted to assure anybody who cares that things are sort of looking up for Vira. Here’s a little taste of Chapter 7’s drama.

After Lent disappeared, I got my phone from the bedroom. Being without it all day had probably been a very bad thing. There were bound to be a handful of missed pages and most of them would be from angry team members waiting and wondering why they hadn’t been called out on a job.

Instead of tallying the missed pay days, I called Emon. “Miss Silk,” he answered after only the first ring. “Have people stopped dying or are we on Holiday?”

“Yes, yes,” I replied sitting on my bed. “You’re a funny Reaper. Look, I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL today but some things have come up. I’m going to take a few days off, so I need you to come get the van.”

There was silence for a few seconds then, “Is everything all right, Miss Silk? Losing two team leaders in a week seems a bit…alarming to say the least.” I didn’t know how much to tell him. It wasn’t like he could help, but saying Good Bye to Lent left me aching for reasons other than my eye.  

I won’t pretend things have been a breeze since I made the decision to finish my YA book and (hopefully) have it published by summer time, but I’m determined to meet as many personal goals as I can where these two books are concerned. Chapter 7 of Messy Death is completely outlined and I will be working more on it tomorrow. Today was slated for my YA and I’m happy to report I accomplished 703 lovely words. Thanks for caring enough to read my blog. I’m humbled by any and all readers. ((hugs))


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