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Long Conversations

So, chapter 8 is almost entirely comprised of conversation. I’m okay with it, but what are your thoughts on looooong conversations? Are they great? Boring? Too detached? My conversation contains a lot of information that will help build Vira’s world, but it doesn’t have an info dump feel. There’s also a lot of general, getting-to-know-each-other-in a-semi-proffessional-way going on, but is too much of a good thing, bad? Knowing what readers truly think of long character conversations might help me when edits come round. If you’ve got a second, lend me your opinions. They will be appreciated. Thanks.


One comment on “Long Conversations

  1. Here is my suggestion: Look at the books you like to read. Are there any LONG conversations. how do you feel when you read them. do they help you have a better understandign of their characters or world. Start there.

    The other thing I suggest is look long and hard at your conversation. Too much of anything is a bad idea. Look for ways you can break it up. Internal dialogue. Action tags. Insert a short action sequence or intrusion.

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