Vira Silk is a little jaded. Her job isn’t a happy one, but like any job it has to get done. She doesn’t mind the late hours or horrific gore. It’s all part of being a Crime Scene Clean Up Member. When Vira comes to a place where some person has drawn their last breath, she takes comfort in knowing the mess can be cleaned. There will never be any dignity in death, but there should always be respect. Leaving a person to wallow in their filthy end is unacceptable. Lives amount to more than an image full of foul sites and even fouler smells. Though scraping remains into a bag will never be conventionally fulfilling, Vira takes pride in her profession. No, she doesn’t whistle while she works; she’s not insane, but putting the pieces of a scene back together does bring her a sense of joy. In the privacy of her own head, Vira feels it’s like wiping the slate clean. Putting a scene right allows mourning loved ones to grieve without a constant reminder of how brutal mortality really is. Vira isn’t as detached as people believe. She can work a job with methodical proficiency, but in her heart she always feels something for the person who has passed. In many ways, empathizing with the dead is easier than empathizing with the living. The dead are dead. They don’t have any more chances to screw things up. Live people are never out of chances. As long as their hearts and brains are functioning, they have the opportunity to disappoint. Vira doesn’t enjoy disappointment unless she is the one doing it to herself. Where love is concerned, Vira is completely skeptical. In her entire life, she’s only felt something more than lust for one man; Latimer Nator, and he stayed with her for the sum total of 14 days then split without a simple good-bye. Now, Vira doesn’t care much about being in love. She enjoys her one night stands and quasi friendships, but most of all she enjoys work. At work, she can excel. At life, not so much. Vira Silk is a little jaded. Her job isn’t a happy one, but her heart and brain are still functioning and so she’ll keep living, keep disappointing until her messy end.


8 comments on “Jaded

  1. About time your started sharing your work!!! Can’t wait for you to finish.

  2. Thanks, Christine! My story is told in the first person. This was just a blurb I did for myself really, but I like it so much I might try to work it into the manuscript.

  3. Loved it! Definitely want to know when the book is out! Or if you need a beta tester. 🙂

  4. Sounds interesting Jennifer! My story is in first person as well.

  5. Sounds great, Jennifer! I’m very excited for you on your book.

  6. Wow, I can’t wait to read it when you’re done. Let me know if you need a beta reader:)

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