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Chapter 9 Teaser

Traffic Jam and Harmonious Car Drivers


“Uh-oh,” Leander said glancing in my direction. “Somebody’s got the look.” 

“The look of annoyance, boredom and pain?”

“None of the above,” he replied keeping his tone light. “You’re wondering what puts the ‘super’ in my ‘natural’ abilities.” His comment was clever and sort of cute, but that didn’t mean shit. He’d made fun of my height, laughed at me and refused to get us out of this insane traffic jam. The detective was on my last nerve and pretending otherwise was a waste of energy.

“That made no sense,” I lied, sounding confused. “Want to try again?”

“You’re trying to remember what talents the Fae posses.”

“Well, if you’re all I have to go on, I’d say the talent pool is more like a puddle. Are all Fae a bunch of seducing ego maniacs that drive huge trucks to make up for their teeny tiny…” I paused for effect then, “hearts?” In spite of my bitchy efforts, Leander remained unfazed.

In a casual, very matter-of-fact way he said, “Actually, Fae are thee most loyal of all the non-human species. We have a 0% divorce rate among inner species marriages because when we commit to a partner, Miss Silk we never stray.” At some point, I recalled knowing that fact, but hearing him say it sent a shiver of longing down my spine. How would it feel to have that kind of devotion in your life? Hell if I knew. Hell if I’d ever know.


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