Here’s the deal with networking; I suck at it. I don’t doubt my skills, okay maybe a little, and I certainly don’t doubt the skills of all my awesome author friends, but people aren’t very interested in what I have to say whether it be about writing or the shape of the clouds. Admittedly, I haven’t talked about the shapes of clouds on this blog and I could understand if people weren’t jumping over each other to read about my thoughts on such a topic; however, I long for a tish more public interest. I realize a big part of my problem is not putting in the time to talk to people. I haven’t done a FRIENDS post in forever and that usually helps broaden my horizons some. Still, there hasn’t been much interest in my blog or my work. Okay, okay. Some might say ‘Well, Jenny. You need to finish that novel and then try to get networking attention.’ Those people are probably right, but is it so wrong for me to wish I had hoards of groupies already? Or, you know, at least more than 13 whole blog followers? LOL. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, so any ideas or words of advice would be greatly appreciated on this topic. Thanks.


3 comments on “Networking

  1. What a wonderful post. You have an excellent eye for writing.

    I wanted to share this resource with writers everywhere. This really helped me out.

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  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers you’re looking for. I can only offer my sincerest sympathy. I’m not sure if it is fear that keeps me back or laziness. I look at my own blog and it has been a ghost town for months, not just because of lack of interest from the public, but also, lack of effort on my part. I’m sometimes discouraged by the amount of garbage that is out there and how people follow it.
    This is only my opinion and I don’t wish to insult anyone with what I am about to say, but culture seems to have been dying a very slow and painful death. I used to teach and I was disillusioned the first year I did. Looking back, the first thing I noticed about my students was the decline in skill. In comparison, they simply could not complete the same task that I was able to at their age. Then I looked at my parents and realized that in many ways the same could be said about my generation in comparison to theirs.

    One of my favorite topics to teach about was the Romantics, a group of forward thinking authors that combined the beauty and imagination of words with the world. Most of these individuals were in their early 20’s when they were published, traveling among their circles, critiquing each other, and building upon each other to improving their talents. I cringed at the thought of letting my students roam about Europe by themselves. The Romantics of course had their own demons; mostly addiction and unhealthy relationships. However, they grew up on the authors that today’s child scoffs at and they knew about music and art. Today, Charles Dickens has been replaced by Sponge Bob… Sad really.

    I can’t say why someone would rather read about who slept with whom or whether or not Brittany should marry whoever it is rather than a young woman’s trial and tribulations of trying to get her voice heard. There are those that are listening and appreciate every painstaking word.

    • Your reply was so raw and honest my jaw nearly dropped out of my head. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I am truly honored to have caught your interest. I would love to read your blog even if you are never moved to post again. Please, send me a link. 🙂

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