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Chapter Ten: Rally & Vira

Rally was a hard character for me to pin down. This chapter started to hang me up because I didn’t know who the hell he was. I only knew who he had been in my old plot. You know the one before Vira, my stubborn MC, decided to turn everything upside down. It took a long, […]

Ella James

This week, I would like to introduce you to Ella James. She and I came across each other in the YA Sisterhood Group and she graciously agreed to talk about her novel, writing schedule, crit partners and a few other random things I threw in there.  Can you tell us about your books? Sure! The […]

Chapter 9 FINISHED!

Coming in at 7,063 words, Messy Death’s ninth chapter is done. I haven’t done a once over edit or my final-have-to-move-on edit, but I’m so freaking proud of myself. I believe somewhere I posted that I would finish it this week and viola. I have. Meeting goals isn’t easy for me, but I was bound […]

I Challenge You

As writers, we breathe life into our characters. Every word, feeling, action and reaction are a product of our creation. We spend hours, days, weeks, months and even years getting to know them, but then there are the characters that come into being without meaning to. Sometimes they are meant to be back ground characters […]

Sarah Lampkin

Sarah Lampkin is a bright, enthusiastic writer who is about to graduate college. As we started our chat, I was truly hoping she’d end up being some flake of a girl I could hate. I mean, c’mon. At 22 she’s already accomplished the task I’ve been setting out to conquer since before I was her age. Finnish […]


I did a word count today for my blogspot blog. Messy Death is sitting at…drum roll please… 41, 503 words. Of the estimated 80k words I need to finish, that’s HALFWAY done, baby. Think I’m feeling pretty damn good right now? Well, I TOTALLY AM!!!! Because I’m feeling so kickass right now, I will be posting […]

Teaser Tuesday!

Because my poor baby is off to the laptop doctor today, I wrote my little heart out yesterday. 1,200 + words! Woot, woot. To celebrate, I decided to get on the Teaser Tuesday bandwagon, so here’s a peek at Messy Death, Chapter 9. “You said you’d talk to me about my case on the drive […]