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Teaser Tuesday!

Because my poor baby is off to the laptop doctor today, I wrote my little heart out yesterday. 1,200 + words! Woot, woot. To celebrate, I decided to get on the Teaser Tuesday bandwagon, so here’s a peek at Messy Death, Chapter 9.

“You said you’d talk to me about my case on the drive over. We’re driving.” I glanced at the still lanes of traffic. We might have moved a total of six feet in ten minutes. “Sort of.”

“Before we get to that,” he started casually. My blood pressure spiked. What now? A pissing contest over the weather? Politics maybe? “I wanna give you these.” I heard movement and glanced over. Leander lifted his body off the seat so he could dig a bottle of pills out of his jeans. Seriously? How deep were those freaking pockets anyway?

“Here.” He held them out and a second later I took them. The label was easy to read, but a barely   pronounceable name and dosage instructions didn’t tell me what they were for. 

“Painkillers?” I guessed.

Leander shook his head no. “Prescription strength anti inflammatory’s. We were locking up a rowdy dealer last week and a I took a chair to the face.” I flinched at the thought then examined the pills again.

“This bottle’s still pretty full.”

“Yeah, well don’t let that fool you. The side of my face looked like a puffer fish choking to death.” He chuckled mirthlessly and I had to resist the urge to touch my own bruise. “I’m pretty sure I looked worse than you, but those things,” his chin jerked at the bottle in my hand, “are wicked strong. Two days worth damn near cleared me up.”

My heart jumped at the thought of being pain free that soon. “Why would you give these to me? They’re liquid gold and you’re a cop. The odds of you getting hit with a chair again are pretty good. Hell, I’ve only known you 45 minutes and I wouldn’t mind hitting you with something.” I forced myself to hand them back. “Keep them. I’ve got stuff to take.”

“You’ve got shit,” Leander said, pushing my hand away. “These will work and they’ll work fast. Rally isn’t a seeing eyed dog. He can protect you from a lot of things but not yourself. Take them until that eye opens up and then give ‘em back if you want.”

I clenched my fingers fighting the urge to give in. “Isn’t prescription sharing illegal Det. By-the-book?”

“We’ve gone over this,” he marveled. “I didn’t turn the lights on because there. Is. No. Place. To. Go.” He was right, of course, but taking drugs from a cop felt…wrong. “For Christ sakes,” Leander swore as if reading my mind. “I’m not going to arrest you, Vira. Take the damn pills!” I put the bottle in my lap and exhaled sharply. The promise of clemency from a police officer didn’t warrant blind faith but seeing my next murder attempt would be easier with both eyes.

I opened my mouth to extend some semblance of gratitude when Leander stopped me with a shake of his head. “If you don’t mind,” he said in a tone that conveyed sheer weariness. “I think we should stop talking. We’ll go over your case when we get to Rally’s.” The suggestion was so frank I became exactly what Det. Easter wanted.

Utterly speechless.



An hour later, we were crossing into Demon Town. There wasn’t a sign declaring that fact or even an overt change of scenery, but the area held a distinct resonance. It was like driving into an underground tunnel. The air blowing through Leander’s vents dropped half a degree while a peculiar sense of claustrophobia settled over me. I pressed into the warm dent of my seat and broke our angry silence.

“I’d appreciate knowing what species Rally is before meeting him.” Because he was a Guard, I sort of envisioned a Troll. They were Lent size with knotty, overhanging brows and the strength of three Oxen. Guard work had always been right up their ally minus the intelligent part. Leander said Rally would be investigating as well as protecting which meant he had to have more going on upstairs than the average Troll. So what was he?

Det. Easter kept his answer decisively short. “Rally is a registered Blood Witch.” My eyes widened at that. I had never met a Blood Witch. They were the rock stars of the Witch community though said community wasn’t all that big.


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