I did a word count today for my blogspot blog. Messy Death is sitting at…drum roll please… 41, 503 words. Of the estimated 80k words I need to finish, that’s HALFWAY done, baby. Think I’m feeling pretty damn good right now? Well, I TOTALLY AM!!!! Because I’m feeling so kickass right now, I will be posting an extended teaser later today.

Special thanks to a few wonderful ladies who have helped me get this far and continue to reach for those two magic words: The End.

Christine Powell Gomez, you gave me three simple words that unlocked everything in me. “Write with abandon.” I’ll have you know those words are with me every single day. I’ve got nothing but love for you. Always.

Nichole Chase, our friendship has meant the world to me. I love those days when I pop in to my email and see you on. We’ve had some ridiculously awesome conversations that I treasure. Getting to know you has been a wonderful experience and your writing will always be something I can stand behind. Thanks for always listening to my silly rants. ((Hugs))

Stephanie Nelson, knowing you is such an ego boast. Working with you is and always will be an honor. Seeing Deceived on the Top Rated amazon list and knowing it absolutely deserves to be there (and has from the very beginning) thrills me to no end. You are a great writer, awesome crit partner and kick ass friend. Here’s to our next crit adventure!

David Starks, you’re not a reader. I know this, but your dedication to Messy Death and enjoying Vira’s story fills my heart with joy. Thanks for all the hours of support and for one statement in particular. “To be a crappy writer, you’d have to write something that sucked first. You haven’t.” Best. Husband. Ever!

Elizabeth Sogard, girl. I don’t know where to begin. You picked me up, kicked me in the ass and told me to start qualifying those damn emotions. For that, I will be forever grateful. I know the last half of your year wasn’t ideal, but you handled it with Liz strength and now you’re back! Your goals with be achieved because of all the people I’ve met you are the most dedicated. I’m truly envious of how much you’ve accomplished. Thank you for being such a great friend and your crit work pushes me to be better every single day. I love you.

Patti Larsen, you lived up to the hype and gave me the biggest ego boast ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to working with you! Get ready for Chapter One!

Okay, enough with the sap. I have a book to work on. 🙂


3 comments on “HALFWAY DONE!

  1. Congrats on being half way finished! Can’t wait for the world to read about Vira!

  2. You’ve done your fair share of ass-kicking too. You are the writing worlds equivalent of a comic book heroine (not that I’d admit to reading such amazing dribble). the good guy (or leather clad gal) always wins. I will be rooting for you!

  3. Aw…Thanks Jennifer!!! But, you forgot the one thing I said about getting started and making it to the end….”Just sit your ass down and write.” Love you girl!!! And your Messy Death 🙂

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