Sarah Lampkin

Sarah Lampkin is a bright, enthusiastic writer who is about to graduate college. As we started our chat, I was truly hoping she’d end up being some flake of a girl I could hate. I mean, c’mon. At 22 she’s already accomplished the task I’ve been setting out to conquer since before I was her age. Finnish a book and publish it! When she told me she’d be graduating college this year to boot, I started looking around for a rusty spoon. Seriously? Two of my goals were not just within Sarah’s reach but they were damn near completed.

At this point in the conversation, I wasn’t green with envy. I was purple from holding my breath so I wouldn’t scream obscenities at the laptop and wake my sleeping toddler. But I am nothing if not semi professional, so with clenched teeth I forced myself to keep chatting. It only took a few more minutes for Sarah’s kind nature to shine through. Her words were teeming with plans for the future, goals and old soul moxy. *Sigh* Clearly, hating her was totally out of the question. 🙂

Sarah’s book is about a girl who is entering college as a freshman but isn’t as social as most. Brenna, the main character, had a car accident that left her a little different. Now, every time she falls asleep she leaves her body. Through her out-of-body travels, she meets and becomes friends with a shaman named Damon and his girlfriend Aeria. While this is happening, things on campus are getting weird. There are secrets to unravel and a perky roomate to deal with.

The title, Dead Dreamer, is very catchy. Sarah told me she came up with this title very easily as whenever Brenna is dreaming she is technically dead. I asked Sarah if she got hung up writing any part of her novel and, sadly, was thrilled by the answer.

“It wasn’t one part in particular,” she explained meekly, “but trying to write a romance between Brenna and (I’m-not-telling-you-who) was difficult. I have never been one for romance in books, so trying to add that was difficult for me.” Yes. I’m the horrible girl who was happy to hear this lovely girl had problems writing something. Sue me. It’s not like she fell on her face and I laughed or anything. Geez. LOL.

I asked Sarah if she could be any character from any story who would it be and why? This isn’t a question I have ever asked before, but Sarah was the perfect person to ask. After chatting with her, I would’ve thought, without a doubt, she’d pick Bella from Twilight or Elena from Vampire Diaries. To me, those characters are softer than other female heroines, but no. Sarah picked a character I completely forgot about. Chloe from Kelly Armstrong’s Darkest Powers series. As soon as I read it, I thought how perfect!

“Chloe starts out as a weak character scared of everything, but we get to watch her become strong by the end of the series.” Well, gentle readers this is the beginning of Sarah Lampkin’s journey. She’s written a book while going to college, finished it and put it out there for all to judge. That is by no means weak. Let’s help her keep the momentum going by reading her book and offering whatever help we can.

Here’s the page for Dead Dreamer. http://www.facebook.com/Deaddreamerbrenna

and Sarah’s Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/Lampkin_S

There’s a blog you can check out called “To Dream is to Die” http://moonwolftattoo.blogspot.com/

A Wix Website for Sarah’s book http://www.wix.com/lampkinsarah/deaddreamer

and finally the Amazon link for Dead Dreamer. http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Dreamer-Freshman-Year-ebook/dp/B006PJWYV8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326836112&sr=8-1


4 comments on “Sarah Lampkin

  1. Great interview! I admire her for being such a go-getter at twenty-two! I’m heading over right now to get her book!! I think we can all take lessons from Sarah. She has continued on her journey and her dreams are coming true!

  2. Sounds like a captivating read! And she did this at 22 while going to college! Awesome!!

  3. I am pleased to say that I am friends with Sarah Lampkin, and am very excited that she is getting the recognition and support she deserves for all of the hard work she has put forth in the making of this book. I am excited to see the finished product come to life and I hope all of you will show your support by adding this novel to your bookshelves.

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    An interview from a few years back! That was so much fun! 🙂

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