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Chapter Ten: Rally & Vira

Rally was a hard character for me to pin down. This chapter started to hang me up because I didn’t know who the hell he was. I only knew who he had been in my old plot. You know the one before Vira, my stubborn MC, decided to turn everything upside down. It took a long, wonderfully amusing afternoon with my mother to get Rally figured out. Once I knew his story, what motivated him and how he fit into Vira’s life, writing this chapter was a breeze. Introducing characters is not easy and I’ve done it over and over and over and over again in Messy Death. I can’t say whether I’ve done it horrible or well or horribly well. What I can tell you is this: I’ve never been closer to achieving my goals than I am at this moment. Let’s celebrate that fact with a chapter ten teaser.

Rally’s motivation turned out to be exactly what I needed to shirk that nobody-likes-me-everybody-hates-me-sitting-in-the-garden-eating-worms attitude. The moment Leander left, he circled back to the subject of law breaking and how it wasn’t expressively part of his job but sometimes the situation called for it. 

     “We need to get the second bottle you mentioned earlier. If we’re going to prove, without a doubt, all three perfumes are identical each sample needs to be examined. A closed crime scene won’t stop me from getting what we need. Are you going to take moral issue with a little creative entering on my part?”   

I moved to the sink for more water. “Hardly,” I scoffed. “But I notice you said creative entering on ‘your’ part. Does that mean I am not accomplice material?” Being half blind was really starting to cramp my style. Not that I could remember a time when “creative entering” had been my style, but even an all-powerful Blood Witch might benefit from having a look out. Assuming both eyes could actually, you know, look-out.


I would like to explain my picture a little. In this chapter the majority of conversation happens between Vira and Rally in his car. I didn’t go into a ton of appearance details, but the impressions are enough to stir your imagination. I found this picture after the chapter was complete, and thought it could totally be the apple of Rally’s incredibly wealthy blue eyes. In short, it’s more for my amusement than yours. Sorry. LOL.


One comment on “Chapter Ten: Rally & Vira

  1. That a girl! Keep em coming. Vira’s story needs to be told by someone as skilled and amazing as you!

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