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Love Fern :-)

Shepard is a sweet character. He’s not really trying to ‘woo’ Vira, yet, but writing today’s section made me think of ‘How to lose a Guy in 10 days’ when Andie gives Ben a ‘love fern.’  ROTFL. Man, I love that movie. Any way, here’s a pic of Leander’s non-love, love fern and a teaser to go with. Hope you enjoy.

“Calm down,” Shepard advised. “I won’t let you starve to death. If I did, who would take care of this little fella?” Cupped in his hand was a baby fern. There were two hand sized leafs with different shaped quills jutting from its stem. Against the black foil wrapping, those snow white fronds were dreamlike and mesmerizing.

“Is that thing real?” I asked horrified by the idea of keeping such a unique plant alive.

“Of course it’s real,” Shepard choked. Clearly, the rebel Fae couldn’t deny all of his nature based heritage. “Silk plants are for pussy’s.”

Now, some fun facts I learned researching the white (or more accurately silver) fern.

The Silver fern symbol comes from the leaf of a New Zealand fern. Widely recognized around the world, the silver fern is representative of New Zealand and New Zealanders. It’s an image to which all New Zealanders relate and is a powerful and emotional symbol of inspiration. www.Squidoo.com/NZSilverFern

This picture came from http://cutcaster.comphoto/100366609-Silver-Fern/

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