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Chapter 12 is DONE!

This chapter proved to be a bear, but I’m done with it and I adore how it turned out. There still needs to be a round of edits, but we have to celebrate the little things don’t we? Also, in other AWESOME news, Stephanie Nelson has completed the cover for Messy Death and let me tell you; it’s perfect!!!! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Seriously. She did everything right. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful crit partner and cover designer helping me out. Later, when MessyD is closer to being done, I will hold a big reveal. Until then, you’ll have to hold yourself over with a Wednesday teaser. LOL.


“Alright,” Leander said. “Small talk isn’t your thing right now, so let’s go over my case.”

          I was glad he didn’t want to wait until we were actually eating to have this conversation. Rally’s mastication peeve was understandable, but so was my lack of patience given what I’d learned. “What did you find out?” My tongue turned inquisitive words into verbal molasses.   

          “This stays between us,” he began stiffly. “Case facts are not for the general public.” When I nodded mutely, his demeanor became all business. “The junction box suffered severe shortages due to heat. When I got on scene, the ‘scope picked up a paranormal signature that, for being 24 hours old, was still pretty high. Funny thing though, the species responsible wasn’t registered. It’s an Undeclared.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means we’ve got an unidentifiable species too old to proclaim their existence or a crossbreed too new for anybody to know about.” So, Lent was either a new crossbreed or something else, something extremely old. The idea chilled my skin and sent a blanket of goose bumps down both arms.


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