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Thursday Teaser!

Because I am still riding so high over having my cover completed, I’m releasing a Thursday, Chapter 13, teaser. Enjoy!


When I slid into the seat across from Leander, my eye, and a half, settled on a dish of chocolate pudding. It sat on a small plate and had these mouth-watering pieces of cookie crumbled over top. “Did you order this for me?” I asked unable to hide my astonishment.

He lips fluttered into an immodest smirk. “Dessert first is the only way to live. Besides, I saw how you devoured that chocolate pie yesterday. Pudding was the safest way to go. It has a little texture and consistency, but nothing you actually have to chew before swallowing.”

“Keep pissing me off,” I challenged spooning out my first bite. “And you’ll get another chair to the head real soon like.”

“Are you threatening a man of the law?” He teased. That was the second time I’d heard a cop say something along those lines recently. Trary being the first. I decided to keep things on a comical level so they wouldn’t end as badly as that situation had.   

“I’m not threatening a man of the law. I’m threating a friend who’s on my very last nerve.”

“Now you’re calling me a friend, eh?” He shook his head like it was the most preposterous thing he’d heard all day, but I saw the way his green eyes pulsed with pleasure. “Chocolate really is the solution to everything isn’t it?”


One comment on “Thursday Teaser!

  1. YAY! Love Leander and Vira’s back and forth relationship

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