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Chp 13

From Messy Death Chp 13 by Jennifer Starks~ This wasn’t right. People deserved privacy. I thought about Homer shoving inside my apartment. His attack had been a violation, but at least I’d known about it. The idea of Lent coming home completely ignorant to my invasion felt more unsettling than Homer’s raid.

You don’t have a choice, I reminded myself tersely. He’s a suspect in all this unless you can prove otherwise. That led to my next dilemma. What the hell was I looking for? My eyes began a wild, ignorant search. They found nothing of note but lingered on a small, hardcover book sitting on his end table. There was a picture on the cover and its title read: The World’s Top 100 Prettiest Birds.

I walked closer and saw that the photographed bird was very beautiful. It wore a cape of deep, purple feathers that went up over its head and shone metallic in the light. Its breast and plump belly contrasted white as a cloud. Involuntarily, my fingers reached for the book. Thumbing through it revealed worn, dog eared pages.

Obviously, Lent had looked over these photos time and time again. I felt a lurch of wistfulness in my heart. Who would have ever thought a large, quick-tempered man like Lentle Maste would come home from a day of cleaning up corpse goo, pour himself into an oversized recliner and gush over teeny, tiny birds.

Did you enjoy Tuesday’s Teaser? Great! Post a comment. If I get ten, I’ll move up the release date for my cover reveal. At this point, I will post it at chapter 20. Ten comments bumps it down to 16. That’s only three chapters away from where I am at right now! If I can get twenty comments, the 20th poster will have swag sent to them. Woot. Game on. Leave me your words.








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  1. K I’m commenting…what number am I?????

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