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Personal Success

Today I have mixed feelings about work, about my diet and perhaps about life in general. The book is coming along great, but I’ve found getting past my own worst enemy, me, has created a gaggle of even more determined naysayers. Enter various no-namers who wish to cut down the little guys for no apparent reason. I say no apparent reason because, frankly, their reasons are never good enough. So, I write a cleaner first draft then you. So what? So I have a goal in mind and it’s not the same as your. Who cares? This isn’t a competition. I’m not out here telling my story, sharing my work because I think it’s better than yours. Nor do I think I am better than you.

I am simply a girl working towards her own personal goal of completing a daily word count as well as a novel.

Why should I matter to you? Why should I matter enough that you feel it necessary to rear your bitter heads in an attempt to make me feel like I’m not good enough to be personally successful? Are you so shallow and unfulfilled that sitting in your worn computer chair acting superior is the only thing that turns you on? The answer to all of these questions must be yes else you’d be occupying your time with something more productive like, say reclaiming your hell throne.

I am not without fault or flaws though. Perhaps I am needy in the sense that I seek affirmation from my peers. Perhaps I am insecure for the same reason, but there is an ego inside this ample (yes, I said ample lol) chest and it knows that I do not deserve to be treated in such a backhanded manner.

Now, some of you will try to reason such behaviors away. You’ll say these self-righteous individuals are acting as a ying to my yang, and that their opposition will make me stronger and more motivated, but you would be wrong. I am plenty motivated and I am plenty strong. Just ask the 25 pounds I curl four times a week. Okay. Three. Okay none so far this week, but usually I’m tearing up the weights. Believe it! Lol.

Anyway, while I understand your need to explain such horrible people away, I implore you to take off the blinders and see these people for what they really are. A pile of steaming resentment. To identify these silent but deadly landmines, you need only listen. ‘Steaming piles’    talk about themselves all-the-time. They preen and pat their sturdy shoulders repeatedly, but when it comes time to share words of encouragement with you, their “friend,” any civil compliment you manage to get will  be followed by a machine gun burst of missed opportunities and personal failures.

These people are not hurdles to overcome. They are assholes to be shunned. Avoid them at all costs. They won’t just drag you down; they’ll stomp your skull into happy bits of dust while simultaneously blogging about how you should’ve bobbed instead of weaved.

Cutting ties can be hard. Especially if your ‘steaming pile’ has charisma or a genuinely likeable personality. Nothing about the shunning/avoiding process is easy, but trust this: saying good-bye will be good for you.

From this point on, I refuse to allow even one ‘steaming pile’ into my orbit because frankly I have enough freaking issues without entertaining theirs. My personal success rests on me and guess what?

I am up for the challenge.

Are you?


One comment on “Personal Success

  1. *snugs* sorry you are having so many negative people in your life. We each should be able to do things at our own pace and in our own way. Each of us has our own path. My path is not your path and your path is not my path. But we can support each other in reaching the goals we each have. Snugly blankets and good for you for recognizing that if you are around negative people putting you down it will end up keeping you down. If you hang out with positive people you will fly high and free.

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