Miserable Blogs: My Complaints.

Okay, look. I enjoy reading blogs about writing and writers. Some are more helpful, amusing and humble than others, but lately the only Blogs I’ve come across are chock full of negativity. Advice is a hard thing to portray correctly. Most writers don’t find bitching rants helpful or productive, so why are these Bloggers suddenly so popular?

For a mili second, I thought maybe I was just too faint of heart, but seriously? I would love to know who out there wakes up in the morning and says, “Man. I need to find some random, self-important stranger to tell me how everything I do is wrong, how badly I suck and how they’re answers will change my life. Oh, and if they could do it in the most tactless, patronizing way possible that would be GREAT!”

If you are that person or you know that person…wow. I’m sorry, but that is no way to learn a craft. You deserve better.

This morning, I read a blog by an author who has had some success, or so their bio says. I haven’t heard of them or their books, but whatever. I am not always up to date nor do I claim to be. Anyway, their 20 paragraph blog had a few bits of really helpful advice; however 14 of those paragraphs were nothing more than bitching du jour. “Do this. Don’t do that. I hate this. Why would you do that? Doing this makes me bored.” 

Blah, blah…blech!

If you want to rant and rave about everything current authors, indie or traditional, are doing wrong; own it! When you write angry, it translates. When you write frustrated, it translates. When you write under the guise of being helpful when really you just want to lure readers into your miserable complaints, it translates.

Anyway, in true Colbert fashion, I would like to give these blogs a wag of my finger. As a writer who seeks advice from her peers on a regular basis, I don’t understand why someone would choose to inflate their ego by hammering out a list of critisims with such dismal flare.

Bleak opinions matter. They do. And I’ll read them, but I take my bleak with cream and a whole lot of sugar because, like vampires, negativity has saturated the market, and I’m not in the mood to smile and pretend that’s okay.


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