Lola James

Lola James has always loved reading and writing. She loves anything having to do with Vampires, Witches and Greek Mythology. Lola works full-time is a mother and a wife. In her spare time she travels with her husband, reads and shops for shoes. (This woman is my soul mate. I’m telling you right now! She and I were cut from the same pretty shoe cloth! LoL)

Lola has two books on shelves as of right now. Bound to Remember and Fates Design. Both are firsts in a Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance series. (Seriously! She’s like my twin or something. LOL)

Bound to Remember, a Paranormal Romance (Book 1 of the Spellbound Series)Fate's Design, a Paranormal Romance (Fate Series Book One)

Obviously, this woman and I have a lot of things in common so was it any wonder that I begged to take up some of her precious free time for a fantastic little interview?


Lola, tell me about the books you’ve published? Did you enjoy writing one more than the other? Why?

I have two out now. Bound to Remember and Fate’s Design are both paranormal romances with a twist from traditional vampire romance stories. I started writing Fate’s Design and fell in love with the characters, but when I finished writing it I needed a break. I was too emotionally involved with the characters. During that break I began writing Bound to Remember and actually published it first!

Did I enjoy writing one more than the other? No. I was more involved with one, but I love them equally because they are totally different! I like the characters in different ways!

Your blog is fabulous, Lola. Very upbeat. I was reading your blog and learned you love to laugh. Who doesn’t right? Well, I guess a few people, but they don’t count. LOL. Can you share with us your most laugh worthy story where writing is concerned?

Thanks, I have a writing partner and we bounce ideas off of each other. One day, autocorrect got in the way of my idea. Instead of putting the word because it became abuse. And now we randomly send each other messages that say abuse in replace of another word! See? I thought it was funny, but I guess you had to be there! Lol

Everybody says writing humor is hard. I find this to be pretty accurate. Sometimes your sense of humor doesn’t penetrate or you over explain the joke. There’s this wacky balance you have to find. I think Mary Janice Davidson has it down pat. Oh to be her, eh. Do you find writing humor hard?

Well, I am sarcastic and find humor in most things other people wouldn’t, so yes and no. It’s hard to gauge if the reader will find your joke or comments funny. I personally think I’m hilarious! I point and laugh hysterically at myself daily! I’m laughing right now!

What’s the most ridiculous epubbing hump you’ve had to overcome?

Marketing… it’s a curse from the writing gods. Trying to find the time to market your book and write… is a hard balance. I think it boils down to finding your niche in the marketing world. To some it may be twitter. I really don’t get twitter and for others it might be Facebook! My personal niche is being in contact with the few fans I have and responding to them right away. I own it! LOL. 

Tell me about getting a negative review? I know it sucks. Okay. I don’t know firsthand because I haven’t finished my book yet, but I think you are the perfect, good-natured person to explain to us the ins and outs, ups and downs of reading such harsh words. Did you ride the rollercoaster of emotions or let it roll off your back?

I read EVERY review I ge,t and my first book, Bound to Remember, did get some bad reviews. I read them and tried to understand where the reader was coming from. I took that as a learning experience and I grew from it! I had my book re-edited and re-published. Since then, my edits and my reviews have been great. I think you have to take the good with the bad and know that everyone is not going to like your story. Some might even hate it, but you gain something from each review.  

Let’s talk about the sequel to Bound to Remember? Are you working on it now? Can you share a vague plot line with us?

Yes, Unbound is in the editing stage right now, and I hope to have it published by the end of May. A vague plot would be the main character, Toni, just remembered everything from her past but there’s one thing (Or vampire I should say) in her present that she doesn’t want to forget! Mums the word on the rest! lol

What are three of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned about epubing and the writing process in general?

1. Find, keep and cherish your good writing, critique and beta partners.

2. Find a great editor and hold on to them like they are a hope diamond.

3. Find your marketing niche and the fans will find you!

Lola, what are your reading right this minute?

Nothing… I’m too busy writing lol but I did just finish Cait Lavenders Hunter Moon and it was fantastic!  

Because I like to throw at least one absolutely random question in, I pose this scenario. In a post-Apocalyptic world your characters have come to life. All of them. Each is standing in front of you. A product of your creation. You know these people. Their hearts. Their lives. Everything about them beats inside your chest. To save the Earth and return it to it Pre-Apocalyptic state you have to kill two of your characters yourself. Which two would you kill and why?

Ha! That’s easy lol. I would kill off the villains! I would first kill Kevin, from Bound to Remember. He’s a bit of an asshole and it would just make life easier without him. And this mysterious blonde that is haunting Megan in Fate’s Design! Megan’s life might get boring, but at least I would have removed the obstacles for her to have some more romance! Lol

Thanks so much for answering my questions. If you would like to connect with Lola James, these are the places you can do that. Coming soon…my review of Fate’s Design.

Website: www.lolajames.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/1lola_james

My Blog: http://lolajames-author.blogspot.com

Fate Series Blog: http://thefateseries.blogspot.com/

Spellbound Series Blog: http://spellboundseries.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLolaJames

Buy Bound to Remember on:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Buy Fate’s Design on: Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble


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  1. You’re lighting fast! Thanks for having me!


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